Corporate Services

Gift Buying Program

The gift of relaxation and wellness from Neroli Salon & Spa is the perfect way to show your appreciation of dedicated team members and loyal clients. Let us help you put together a gift that celebrates successful business relationships.

Gift Card Value Corporate Savings
$1,000-$2,500 10%
$2,501 and up 15%

Corporate Image Consulting

Keep your team members looking and feeling great with Neroli Salon & Spa’s Corporate Image Consulting. For only $100, Neroli Trend Experts will travel to your place of business and educate your team on the latest fashion and beauty trends to keep them looking great on the job.

On-Site Services

Let your employees unwind at work. Invite Neroli Salon & Spa professionals to visit your place of business! For starting at $120 per hour, our highly-skilled team offers on-site hair, makeup, nail, massage, and facial services, and will leave your employees feeling relaxed, pampered, and confident.

Corporate Memberships

This gift keeps on giving throughout the year. Purchase a Corporate Spa Membership at a 15% savings, and use it to reward one employee a month with a massage or facial service. This incentive promotes productivity, employee morale, and company wellness.

For more information regarding Neroli’s Corporate Services, please contact our Corporate Services Concierge at 414.227.2888.