Where In The World Is The Neroli Team: Wine, Chocolate, Cheese, and Olive Tasting.

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Where In The World Is The Neroli Team: Wine, Chocolate, Cheese, and Olive Tasting.

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Off to Mornington peninsula we go. Our first wine tasting of the trip. Today we have a wonderful 10 hour excursion with many stops to sample wine, cheese, cider, chocolate and olives.
First stop was Main Ridge Dairy. Here we got to sample many varies of goat cheese. All had very different textures and flavors. They even had several baby goats that drew a lot attention from the group. Second stop was T’ Gallant, where we got to sample a variety of white wines.
Our third stop was Mock Red Hill cider lounge and farm-gate. The orchard family owned and owned currently by the fifth generation. I love cider drinks, so this was my favorite stop. They also had us sample some of their delicious freeze dried fruits that were out of this world.
The fourth stop was Mornington Peninsula Chocolates for lunch and yummy chocolate tasting. Many of us- okay, all of us – had our eyes glued on the guide at the shop. He just happens to be a body builder in training for an up coming completion. His sexy description on the proper way to eat our chocolate has all of us eating it very differently. In the small town we got to shop around a bit before our next stop.
Next stop, Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. This is the home of Australia’s largest strawberry farm. Here you can pick your own strawberry’s, enjoy some homemade ice cream, or sample a wide range of sparkling fruit wines, liqueurs or ciders.
The final stop was Green Olive Vineyard. A husband and wife have owned it since 2002. They have many different varies of grapes and olives. They also serve food that is mostly from their eatable landscape. Since I’m not really a wine drinker, the tours were very interesting to me. I think after today I may say goodbye to beer.


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