2023 Wedding Trends with Neroli

7 trends for 2023 Wedding season

We interviewed our top stylists and designers at Neroli Salon & Spa for all things beauty to confirm these popular wedding trends taking over the web.
With engagement season in full bloom, we compiled a list of all our favorite trending wedding styles for you to inspire yours or a loved ones upcoming special day. From embracing natural beauty, to Hailey Bieber inspired trends while breaking the confines of tradition, we have you covered.



The natural makeup look isn’t going anywhere in 2023, and it’s spilling into the bridal industry with pops of luminosity when it comes to eyes and lips. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: skincare is essential when creating your best natural makeup look. It not only serves as a smooth, clean base for makeup to be applied, it also ensures you won’t need to excessively cover up concerns. We recommend vamping up your skincare routine at least 6-8 months before your wedding to ensure concerns can be addressed.
We normally think of heavy eye makeup when it comes to wedding makeup trails, but this year we plan on seeing brides embrace their natural beauty when it comes to lashes and eye makeup. For natural lashes, we recommend a Lash Lift which helps to tint and curl your natural lashes. For those that are certain they want a more dramatic lash, try our new Hybrid Lash Extensions that give volume, length and definition while staying natural and elegant. And of course, a pop of shimmer to enhance natural features including highlighting eyes, cheek bones and brow bones and a natural gloss to accentuate lips.
natural wedding makeup

2. wet look makeup

The wet makeup look has been a hot trend this year and is perfect for a summer wedding. If you want a look that makes you look like you just stepped out of the pool with glowing, hydrated, smooth skin – this makeup trend is for you. This look is all about moisture. Make sure you put on a larger amount than normal of your favorite moisturizer to get this beautiful natural look without any flaking. We recommend using our Ultra Brightening Moisturizer Cream that enhances your skin's brightness, clarity, and luminosity. Once your moisturizer is applied, you can start your normal makeup routine. For eyes, add a bit of high reflective shimmer shadow on your lids, and inner corner of your eyes. Near the end be sure to finish off the look with plenty of highlighter on the top of your cheek bones, nose, and above your upper lip. We also recommend wearing a glossy lip to achieve more of the wet look.
You may be afraid that this look will make you look greasy or sweaty. We suggest starting slow with your highlighter and building upon it as you go until you reach your desired look. If you naturally have oily skin, avoid overapplying moisturizer and you shouldn’t have an issue with this look.


1. Pearl & Chrome Nail Accents

Chrome nails have taken over our feeds since Hailie Bieber introduced it at the 2022 Met Gala and coined the term “glazed donut” that has been used in almost all aspects of the beauty industry. We will be seeing more of this trend when it comes to weddings, and we are not upset about it. This trend stays on theme of embracing a more natural beauty vibe. We love how the chrome look adds a touch of sparkle and shine while accentuating a natural, nude tone that is suitable for all skin tones. Neroli Tip: Ask your nail designer for a natural length nail, with rounded edges and tapered tips for slimming benefits.

2. abstract swirls

This nail design is notably an excellent choice, as it has stayed consistently popular for the last few years. If you want to add a fun and unique nail style to your wedding look this option is a fun, elegant, yet still subtle choice. Neroli Tip: When scheduling your nail appointment call in advance to ensure there is a nail designer available who is comfortable with doing swirl and line art.


1. Effortless Wedding Hair

How you wear your hair on your special day largely depends on your comfortability and your attire. If you are someone that feels most confident with your hair up, down or somewhere in between, this is the route you should take. We do not recommend opting for a dramatically new style or look before your wedding day. Instead, stick to what you know and love! Additionally, it is equally important to consider features of your attire that you would like to show off, and to make sure your hair does not cover or take away from these special accents. For 2023, we are sure to see more sleek modern updos, center parts and light, airy textured waves.

2. sleek bun

If you’re someone who likes wearing your hair up, this look is for you. This trend is one we feel is going to stay for a while. The sleek bun is both elegant, chic and simple. We recommend this look for sunny outdoor weddings since you will be so happy to have your hair pulled back during your ceremony with no flyaway falling in your face. If you want to spice up the bun just a touch, we recommended adding a statement hairpiece to finish off the look or a striking veil.

breaking tradition

Oh, how the times have changed. And we love to see those creating one of the greatest days of their life centered around their very own uniqueness. From an uptick of elopements, or hosting their wedding at an Airbnb, to opting out of cathedral length veils and heavy dresses for something more suitable, here are some of our favorite 2023 wedding trends that break out of the confines of traditional beauty! 
Ditch the Long Dress & Suit
Cocktail gowns and pantsuits have entered the chat.
Pixie & Buzz Cuts
Repetitively noting you should wear a hairstyle that you feel most confident in.
Special Moments
Plan a First Look or intimate Last Dance for unforgettable photographs (Cue the water works)

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