There’s no denying the power of a multi-tasking working mother. We are honored to serve so many amazing moms here at Neroli Salon & Spa and are lucky to be your place of refuge when a moment of much desired self-care is needed. Between a thriving work life and being the center of your children’s world, finding balance in your daily life isn’t always easy. There’s only one you — so what’s a working mama to do?

Neroli Salon & Spa’s Chief Operating Officer, Bonnie is no stranger to balancing a demanding work schedule while raising two amazing kids. As a now empty nester with both kids in college, she has learned a few tips & tricks along the way to share with you.

Chief Operating Officer - Bonnie
My mom always told me, "You never get these moments back in time," and I think about it often. That comment helped me cherish the great days, learn from the bad days and honestly -- better deal with the days I wanted to hit a do-over button."
1. Keep A Joint Calendar

Keeping a joint calendar that includes both family functions and important work events and meetings helps prevent overlap or an unforeseen scheduling conflict. Nowadays, you can easily share digital calendars through your phone, or create a new “family-only” calendar through Google. Having a calendar that is easily accessible has helped my family tremendously throughout the years! 

2. Plan Ahead

This goes for everything. Plan for weekly meal preparation, plan for date night with your partner, plan for workouts or wellness, and most importantly — plan for stress reduction or “me-time.” If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my career at Neroli Salon & Spa, an 80-minute massage on a random Tuesday night is total bliss. 

3. Always Make Time For The “Big Stuff”

My children always tell me, “Mom, it’s okay if you miss this, I know you are really busy,” but I simply can’t accept that. It’s not guilt I feel, but it is a deep sense of commitment I feel towards my children. It’s the idea that I don’t want to miss that event.

My mom always told me, “You never get these moments back in time,” and I think about that often. That comment helped me cherish the great days, learn from the bad days and honestly — better deal with the days I wanted to hit a do-over button. Do I make it every single sporting event? No. Do I make it to every doctor’s appointment, advisor meeting at school, annual Christmas concert, graduation, and sporting banquet? Absolutely without question!

4. Make Meal Time A Priority

This is something that was important to my family while growing up and it is equally important to myself, my husband and my children today. No matter what, we try to plan for an early or late dinner so we can accommodate everyone’s busy schedules (hint hint: check that shared calendar!). Music is typically playing, the television is always off, and we have a “no electronics” rule at the dinner table. If our meal planning happened on Sunday like we planned for, a home-cooked meal is always on the menu. If time is cut short, Chinese takeout from our favorite local spot is never a disappointment. Family meal time is now engrained in my family and my kids are always excited for it when they’re in town from college. 

5. Plan Special Family Trips

After working long and, let’s be honest, sometimes exhausting weeks, it is an amazing benefit to have a few weeks of paid vacation to sprinkle throughout the year to decompress and unwind. Some of my most impactful conversations with my family took place during a long road trip to attend a baseball tournament out of state or a vacation destination. Time in the car without electronics can be the times in which you truly get to know your children. Don’t get me wrong, time on a beach or on the slopes of a mountain are also times I treasure, but the road trips — those have brought me the most joy.

I was never a road trip kind-of-girl before starting a family, but I have learned to love it during my son’s 8 years of baseball. Sometimes I would just watch my kids through the rear view mirror (when I’m not driving, of course!) and see them laughing with each other and thinking, “I am the luckiest person alive.” There is nothing more refreshing than going back to work after a long weekend away. I love the time away, but getting back into my work routine is how I operate most effectively as a human being. 

When all is said and done, you must prioritize what is most important in business and in family. Learn what brings you joy and understand how to balance the commitments of being a working mom. My professional life gives me purpose, too, which I never take for grated. When I am feeling prepared, organized and fulfilled, it makes me feel unstoppable. 

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Blog written by Chief Operating Officer, Bonnie.