Spring Break Prep-Guide

Spring Break Prep-Guide

From a fresh haircut to gorgeous long lashes, we have the perfect favorite services that ill ensure you look your best this spring {break}.

Good Hair Days Ahead…

New Season. New Hair.

Aveda‘s NEW Demi+ hair color is made for 1st timers who want to ease into the world of #AvedaColor or for those who want want to add extra shine and tone to their existing color.

Our team spent 3 days learning all of the in’s & out’s of this new hair color system to ensure you always have perfect hair days.

Here’s what Aveda hair color professionals are saying…

“We’ve also increased the range of tonal intensity by using the tones on their own. It also improves the condition of damaged hair while delivering radiant color and shine, and shades are expertly calibrated and formulated for predictable color results every time.”

“It’s going to be the go-to for clients who want to start dabbling in hair color.”

“It’s a minimal commitment with 40 washes (about eight weeks), and it’s an alternative option to 100 percent opaque color,” she says. “And for gray blending, it gives lots of shimmer.”

It’s just beautiful—like no other demi or semi I’ve seen when it comes to coverage and shine. The tone and level are so rich without making the color look lighter or darker. And with this client, I’ve found she’s back in eight weeks to touch-up regrowth before the color fades.”

Other Fab #AvedaColor By The Neroli Madison Team

Flawless Nails

All of our manicure & pedicure services are amazing, but there are definitely a few that are ideal before slipping on your sandals and heading to the beach. Finish off your mani + pedi with our Zoya extended-wear polish for 7 days of perfect nails.

Personalized to your senses, this restorative, full-service manicure or pedicure includes a stress relieving arm or leg massage. The manicure includes a hot towel treatment.

Our Nail Designers use OPI Gel as it gives you gorgeous, high gloss nails that are instantly dry with zero chipping for up to 14 days. Natural nails have never looked better.

Restore dry, weathered skin with moisture-rich oils and a warm towel in this full-service, customized pedicure. Choose a customized hand or foot treatment at the time of your service. Finish with a meticulous polish.

Your nail designer will incorporate one of the following treatment enhancements based on your needs…

Rejuvenating Spa Masque:
Lighten the appearance of dark spots and smooth the texture of the skin with this masque, rich in alpha hydroxyl acids and powerful plant antioxidants. Your feet will appear refreshed and smooth.

Cooling Treatment Masque:
Extracts of peppermint and Chinese wintergreen are combined with aloe and rosewater to create this incredibly hydrating masque that is perfect for tired, stressed skin.

Sea Salt Glow:
In this exhilarating treatment, invigorating dead sea salts scrub away rough skin as meadow foam seed oil and jojoba oil leave hands and feet feeling like new. This treatment also finishes with a hydrating paraffin masque.

Soothing Sea Masque:
Treat your hands and feet with this rich, hydrating masque infused with purifying essential oils and seaweed harvested off the coast of Hawaii. Your skin will emerge  smooth, fresh, & glowing.

Lashes That Last

Lash extensions are growing in popularity everyday and it’s easy to see why. Waking up every morning with a full and fluffy lash line is hard not to love.


We exclusively offer a natural lash that are softer and supple with a beautiful glossy shine. It’s a comfortable option while also providing glamorous volume and length.

Each individual natural lash eyelash extensions are applied directly to your individual lash, so they look and feel natural.

We are now going to be using Lash Addict for our extensions. It requires less glue, while still using the same minx natural eye lash look that everyone loves.

These volume lashes create more volume than our original lash extensions, as 2-4 lashes will be adhered to each lash. This is great, as it speeds up the process of reaching your desired length and fullness. Typically this amount of fullness would be achieved after a few lash extension appointments, but can now happen in one visit.

The lashes are also lighter so they create more volume without adding weight.

Our NEW volume lash extension services have the option of a “Classic” or “Volume” lash look. The classic being more of a natural look, and the volume while still being natural, will have a more dramatic feel.



We understand that although they look amazing, the process of getting them applied comes with a lot of questions and concerns. To help ease your mind, Downtown Esthetician, Elise is going to share her most frequently asked questions, and the answers that will ease your mind.

What is the difference between lash extension application and false lash application?
Lash extensions are bonded 1 natural lash to 1 lash extension. Each individual lash is separate. In a false lash application either a full band is applied directly on top of the lash line or cluster false lashes are used. When cluster lashes are being applied, there is no separation process. The clusters are placed directly on top of the lash line next to each other.

Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes? 
No. When applied correctly, lash extensions do not damage the natural lash. As explained above, lash extensions are bonded 1 to 1, allowing the natural lash to grow uninterrupted by adhesive.

How do you care for lash extensions? 
Overall lash extensions are simple to maintain. My recommendation is brushing the lashes with a disposable mascara wand in the morning and cleansing the lash line at night before bed. It is always recommended to use the products designed for your specific lash extension brand for cleansing. At Neroli we use a natural lash brand. Last, avoid rubbing the eye area harshly when removing makeup, etc.

How often should lash fills be done? 
Fills are recommended every two weeks to keep the lash line looking full at all times. Lashes do not all fall out at the same time. Everyday new lashes are gradually coming in as 1 or 2 of your natural lashes are shedding. This may vary in number person to person. When you are not wearing extensions, this process is almost undetectable. When you are wearing extensions, you become more aware of the process due to the difference in length from your natural lashes to the lashes with extensions adhered.


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