Summer Ready: What You Should Know

Summer is officially underway and even though fall is approaching sooner than we would like, our mind is still at the beach. With so many activities going on now through the end of summer, you are guaranteed to find some great experiences to take part in with those around you. Whether you are a festival goer, beach lover, or nature enthusiast, now is the perfect time to do the things you love and connect with all of the best things summer has to offer.

In order to feel confident heading into the rest of summer, we want to make sure that you are up to date on all of latest trends and styles to make you summer ready.


Balayage Anyone?

I think we all can appreciate a good color refresh! Sometimes switching up your look or adding a little bit of *spice* can really get you feeling your absolute best. One of the hottest trends this summer, and really in the last year, has been the Balayage. It takes on a similar approach to normal highlights, but adds an extra pop. It can be completely personalized causing people to do a double-take every time. Go natural, go bold, go crazy!

At Neroli Salon and Spa, our hairstylists are not only talented, but creative. If you have a vision, they are guaranteed to bring that to life. Balayage has been around for what feels like forever, but there is still a lot of people who are unsure of the difference. Completely normal, I didn’t know either!

What is the difference between highlights and balayage? To keep it simple, balayage comes from the French word balayer meaning “to sweep.” Think of an artist painting a canvas, that is the exactly our approach to your hair. Starting lightly at the root, and gradually thickening on the way down, it creates an ombre look. Balayage is known to be a lot more creative because of the “paint” approach, but it is generally more natural looking. However, we have had plenty of clients do eye-catching balayage color with a more dramatic presence.

Highlights are more structured. The color is specifically placed throughout your hair starting at the root and working down through specific strands and placement. Similar process to balayage, however it is known to be less creative, more routine, and more dramatic. Nothing is wrong with either of these approaches. In fact, there is a never-ending debate on which one is “better.”

If you ever have any questions, our hairstylists and Aveda Advisors would be happy to assist you. Check out a few balayage looks by the Neroli team below!

Photo & Hair by East Side Hair Designer, Sally
Photo & Hair by Mequon Hair Designer, Analiz
Photo & Hair by Downtown Hair Designer, Jenna

Craving Some Relaxation

Summer is not for stressing! Facials and massages are not only amazing for your body, but they also bring you into a long-lasting state of relaxation. Our Neroli estheticians and massage therapists specialize in the art of relaxation and stress relief, no matter your service. You work so hard year-round; it is time to prioritize some much-deserved TLC.

Stress Fix Body Massage:

It is hard to have fun if you are constantly stressed thinking about work, school, kids, and all of the other life-stressors that we face. The best way to go into summer is with a fresh start and an open mind.

Our massage therapists are incredibly talented on massage techniques and prioritizing your relaxation experience. The Stress Fix Body Massage does exactly what you think — it melts away stress. Through methods including Swedish and deep tissue massage, acupressure, foot reflexology, stress fix aroma journey using French Lavendar and clary sage, and breathing techniques, you are guaranteed to venture off to a place of peace and serenity during your session.

Ultra Facial

The Ultra Facial is perfect for summer in so many ways. Not only is it effective in refreshing your skin, but it is also lightweight and provides you a moment of wellness. Especially in summer, products or services that make feel heavy on your skin or hair is definitely not ideal. This facial showcases Ultraceuticals, our cosmeceutical product line designed & developed in Australia. And trust us, if these products work well in the hot Australian sun, they’ll work wonders on your skin here in the midwest.

The Ultra Facial is combined with customized massages to ensure you are completely relaxed during your service. Our estheticians will work with you during your customized consultation before your service to ensure the facial is geared toward your specific concerns. In using tailored serums and a performance masque, your skin will come out hydrated, glowing, and ready for the day!



We love trending styles! This summer is all about pastels and prints. Some popular colors you will see include pale green, buttercream or ivory, raspberry pink, lilac, and light greys. We also want to make sure that you have options to put together your perfect outfits. Our adorable Lookbooks connect you to all the latest trends, and how to style them. These style guides will act as the perfect how-to to make sure you are summer ready from your hair down to your sandals!

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Let Us Know!

We want to make sure that you are looking and feeling your absolute best going into the rest of summer. Our specialists are always happy to assist you in your wellness journey, no matter the service. To schedule an appointment, you can reserve online, through your Neroli app, or call us at (414)-227-2800.

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Blog written by Neroli Blog Writer, Hannah

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