The Malta Experience

The Malta Experience

Have you ever looked at the photos in a magazine in complete awe of the model’s hair and makeup?

Sepideh, Downtown Hair Designer & Makeup Artist, is in Malta attending an editorial workshop on behalf of the company.  Here, she’ll not only continue her education in hair and makeup, but also learn the inter-workings of what it’s like to capture and edit photos for the beauty industry.

Read all about Sepideh’s trip my following along and reading her blog posts.

We met the team today.  There are 12 participants and three instructors. 

We got settled into our farmhouses and had a lovely dinner that was prepared for us by our private chef, Warren, for the week. 

There are people from all over: Chicago, Des Moines, Tucson, Denver, and Salt Lake City.  All of us have different experience levels–from 6 months into beauty school to over 30 years behind the chair. 

Tomorrow morning we will be meeting with the team for the first half of the day to discuss business and building a portfolio for editorial work and breaking off to explore the island for inspiration for our first shoot. 

The above blog was written by Sepideh, Downtown Hair & Makeup artist.

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