Ultraceuticals 25th Anniversary Trip Recap


Neroli Salon & Spa had the incredible opportunity to attend the Ultraceuticals Beyond Business event in Sydney, Australia which celebrated Ultraceuticals 25-Year Anniversary! We sent our aestheticians, Angelica and Becca to attend the anniversary festivities and enjoy the many activities planned with the Ultraceuticals corporate team. The two of them, along with our CEO Susan Haise enjoy memories that they’ll remember for a lifetime. ​


We've Landed

After a 2-day travel day, the team finally landed in Australia! They first hit the town and had a girl’s day by shopping and indulging at a nearby café. They then began their first evening in Australia attending the Ultraceuticals Welcome Party at Opera Bar, where they enjoyed cocktails, yummy seafood, and connected with Ultraceuticals professionals. The team was thrilled to meet Tina Thompson, PR Manager for Ultraceuticals and Shelley Barnes, Ultraceuticals Sales of Education Manager. This event was the perfect way to kickstart the trip in Sydney and connect with the team!


Ultraceuticals R&D Lab

The team spent the majority of their 2nd day at the Ultraceuticals corporate offices and the R&D Lab (Research & Development). One of the first activities they did at the Ultraceuticals R&D Lab was a demonstration of the concentrate difference between the Ultra C Firming Serum, a competitor vitamin c serum, and a vitamin c derivative product. This demonstration showed them the incredible difference in potency of the Ultraceuticals Ultra C Firming Serum.  

Another activity was mixing Ultraceuticals DNA3 Complex Recovery Night Cream and Ultra Rich Moisturiser so they could feel the consistency of each product. After mixing, they looked at both under a microscope and played a guessing game as to which cream was which. Through this activity they were able to learn key differences on a molecular level of the DNA3 Night Cream and Ultra Rich Moisturiser. 

The teams experience at the R&D lab was one of their top highlights of the trip. Being able to examine and understand the scientific formulation of each of the products was both rewarding and extremely educational. 

During the evening they attended the Ultraceuticals Welcome Party where they were able to engage in conversation with Ultraceuticals corporate team and lead aestheticians. This event was the official start of Ultraceuticals Beyond Business 2023.  

The overall experience was incredible! Seeing the research & develop lab and headquarters in person was such a highlight! Seeing how much research goes into each product was mind blowing. The time, effort, attention to detail, etc. just amazing!” - Becca Cavak (Neroli Esthetician)
Ultraceuticals welcome party beyond business 2023 australia neroli team r&d lab research and development
Ultraceuticals welcome party beyond business 2023 australia neroli team r&d lab research and development
Ultraceuticals welcome party beyond business 2023 australia neroli team r&d lab research and development
Ultraceuticals welcome party beyond business 2023 australia neroli team


The Ultra Gala

On the third day the team listened to many inspirational speakers, including Julie Cross, a motivational speaker who combines powerful insights into human behavior with practical strategies. They loved her positive perspective of, “you give out what you get,” meaning that if you don’t like what you are receiving, then check what you are giving. By giving more of what you want, you will start receiving more of whatever it is that you are wanting. Her speech was incredibly moving and brought our whole team to tears. 

That evening the Neroli team enjoyed themselves at the 25th Anniversary Celebration & Awards Ceremony Gala. This event was a time for them to get dolled up and celebrate 25 incredible years of Ultraceuticals. The event included prizes, raffles, and even a claw machine game where you had a chance to win an Ultra product, and much more. The night was full of laugher, conversation and endless dancing. 

Gala Australia party Australia Ultraceuticals welcome party beyond business 2023
“The birthday party Gala was the best! Tons of games, prizes (I won AirPods!), cake, champagne, caricatures, and a photo booth! Best birthday party ever! Ultraceuticals took such good care of us! It was such an incredible journey.” Becca Cavak (Neroli Esthetician)


Keynote Speakers

On the 4th day in Australia the team gained further insight from keynote speakers. Our CEO, Susan Haise, and Director of Sales & Education, Claudia Fabian were both guest speakers during the event. Susan discussed how she created and managed Edgeless Beauty Group and her many businesses, and Claudia spoke on social media best practices and strategies.  

The team also had the pleasure of listening to Georgie Cavanagh, Co-Founder of Carlotta + Gee. Georgie owns a successful business and shared with the audience everything PR and branding for your business.  

Lastly, the team listened to another tear-jerking speech given by Joel Ramirez. Joel shared with them his story of how he immigrated to the United States as a child, starting from practically nothing. He discussed the importance of connection and how we as a nation have become such a lonely society. He shared his insight and brought the whole room to tears.

Keynote Speaker Ultraceuticals welcome party beyond business 2023
“The Ultraceuticals event was so fun. Each speaker was inspiring in different ways. Some were personally motivating, some pushed us to care more for our bodies and health, some taught professional development. Each speaker brought something different but was well rounded. They had us intrigued, laughing, crying, moved.” Becca Cavak (Neroli Esthetician) Becca Cavak (Neroli Esthetician) - Becca Cavak (Neroli Esthetician)
Australia Zoo
Becca enjoyed a private tour at the zoo! she saw kangaroos, koalas and more
Kangaroo Australia Australia Animals Ultraceuticals welcome party beyond business 2023
Shopping In Sydney
First day in Sydney called for some light shopping with Angelica, Becca, Susan and Susans daughter Maya!
Sydney Austrlia Sydney Shopping Ultraceuticals welcome party beyond business 2023
Bondi Beach
Becca enjoyed surf lessons at the famous Bondi Beach. Can you say bucket list experience?
Bandi Beach Australia Ultraceuticals welcome party beyond business 2023


Hands On

On the 5th day in Australia the Neroli team headed back to the Ultraceuticals corporate offices with the Ultraceuticals sales and education team where they learned all about the new A-Zyme peel that is launch beginning of October (coming to Neroli soon)! They even had the opportunity to dive in hands on and apply the peel on each other.  

The team spent the rest of their evening watching the Ultraceuticals Corporate Rewards Ceremony on a beautiful boat cruise on the ocean.  

Gala Australia party Australia Ultraceuticals welcome party beyond business 2023


Wrapping Up

On the last day the team went to the Ultraceuticals corporate office where they enjoyed a conference that thoroughly reviewed Ultraceuticals marketing, sales and the new R.E.D. Corrective Serum (coming to Neroli soon). 

The Neroli team wrapped up their final evening in Australia with a delicious South-East-Asian meal at MuMu and cheers’d to an incredible, education and memorable experience in Australia. 

"It was an inspiring week. From the speakers that inspired inner growth and the power of mindset, from being able to actually put on a lab coat in the corporate R&D lab and see, feel, touch where Ultraceuticals is developed. What an amazing opportunity, and now reconfirming that we retail such an incredible brand." - Angelica Caravella (Neroli Esthetician & Ultraceuticals Regional Educator)
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