Virtual Connection while Social Distancing

Virtual Connection while Social Distancing

Virtual Connection while Social Distancing

Staying Grounded

Brookfield hair designers, Cathi & Astacia stay connected thru their morning wellness routine!

Hey everyone! We are certainly living in cray times. With anxieties high, we thought we would share some tips & tricks about how to keep our alone time positive.journaling

⭐️ CONNECT WITH A FRIEND. It’s the perfect time to introduce a friend to a new hobby. We’ve been connecting online and sharing a morning wellness ritual of journaling and card reading to help each other stay positive and focused.

⭐️ Have a variety of options. When it comes to journaling, we like to keep one with blank pages, and one that helps prompt an idea. You never know how inspired you’ll be, so sometimes the prompt is helpful. With tarot cards: Connecting with your deck is key, wether it’s the art on the cards, the wording, or the theme.

⭐️ ENGAGE! In whichever way is most comfortable for you- FaceTime, text, social media, or use an app like Zoom. We have so many outlets to be creative and social these days–it’s pretty simple to pratice your wellness routine with friends virtually, like we’ve been doing.

⭐️ Find your time of day/night! Personally, mornings work best for us. We’re  fresh & clear minded! (+ still in comfy clothes!)

⭐️ EMBRACE THE POSITIVE! Whether it be a prompt that pulls out a deeper emotion or a reading that connects with your past. Use that as momentum to write down what upward changes you have made in your life since!

We hope you find this helpful and start a wellness practice with someone close to you. It’s such a great way to deepen your relationships and feel close to the people you care about. Looking forward to seeing you all in person soon. xoxox

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