What You Need To Know About Neroli Rewards 

Don’t we all love saving money and receiving perks on our purchases? This is exactly why we offer a loyalty program to our guests! We want to give back to you for all the love you give to Neroli.  

To make sure you’re maximizing your benefits at Neroli we’re going to review the different types of reward programs we offer and the amazing perks our guests receive from them. 


Our Neroli Rewards Program is split into four tiers: Gold, Platinum, Platinum Premier, Diamond. Concluding your first service with us, you will automatically be added to the Neroli Reward Program and will continue to receive points from all the Neroli services you receive. As you continue receiving services and gaining points, you will begin to move through each of the tiers, gaining perks every step of the way.

You can start redeeming your points once you reach 5000 points, which is equal to $5 increments. And lucky you, each guest will receive a 5000-point welcome bonus! We do this to help our guests start earning rewards right away.  


Your reward points are available on the Neroli Salon & Spa App and will appear under the Loyalty tab of your account one business day after your purchase. Please note that points expire two years from the day you enrolled in a tier.  


The Gold tier is the beginner tier and is reached directly after your first service. You will be in this tier for this first $249 you spend on services. In the Gold tier you will be able to earn 1000 points for rebooking a service and 500 points for booking an appointment online. 

Checkout our blog to learn more about self-booking and standing reservations – two great ways to schedule appointments easily.


You will find yourself in the Platinum tier when you exceed the $249 amount spent on services. This tier will be for guests who spend anywhere from $250 on services to $999. Similar to the Gold tier, you will earn 1000 points for rebooking a service and 500 points for booking an appointment online. 

Platinum Premium

The Platinum Premium tier is our third tier and guests are eligible to enter this tier once they spend $1000 on services. Points earned for rebooking a service are still $1000 but different than the Gold and Platinum tiers, guests will earn 1000 points for booking an appointment online. 


The Diamond tier is the highest tier Neroli Salon & Spa offers and comes with many perks! This tier is normally for our loyal, long-standing guests who have spent a minimum of $2500 on services at Neroli Salon & Spa. You will earn 1500 points for rebooking a service and 1000 points for booking an appointment online.  

As a Diamond guest member, you will also gain VIP access to special events, be the first to know about new product and service offerings, and frequently receive complimentary services and upgrades. 

Sounds like something you want to be a part of? Reserve your appointment today to start earning rewards!

Refer A Friend

As a loyalty rewards member, you will receive $10 off your next service when you refer a friend to Neroli Salon & Spa.


Every guest will receive a personal referral link and code on their account on the Neroli Salon & Spa app. To refer a friend, you will send this link and code to your friend, where they will use both the link and code while booking their appointment. Once your referral’s service is complete, points will be automatically added to your account and your friend will also get $10 off their service. This is a quick and easy way to add more points to your account while leading your friend to a relaxing service!  

We Value Our Guests

At Neroli we want to give back to our amazing guests in every way possible, so we provide our guests with enjoyable perks for choosing us as their service provider. 

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