Why You Should Avoid Beauty Brands That Test On Animals 

Many innocent animals are victims of product testing and these tests result in harm to the animals. Today, we’re sharing all the information on animal testing that you should be aware of when making product purchases and we're diving deep as to why Neroli Salon & Spa doesn't use or sell brands that test on animals. 

What is animal testing?

Animal testing began in 1938 when the United States Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act was signed into law, requiring safety substantiation of cosmetic products. Cosmetics such as shampoo, makeup, and hair dye are just a few examples of products that some brands will use to test on animals. Testing on animals is usually done to ensure the safety of the product and it’s ingredients, and it is the decision of the manufacturer whether animals will be used in tests or not. 

What cosmetic tests are performed on animals?

Skin Absorption Testing

This test is used to find out how the skin reacts to a chemical and it is most widely used on rats. During this test, rats' backs are shaved and the products chemicals are spread across their bare skin. The rats are later killed in the test to analyze how their blood and tissue changed from the chemicals that were placed on their skin.

Acute Toxicity

This test consists of animals being exposed to a chemical once, orally, on the skin, or inhaled. The purpose of this test is to determine how much product can be exposed before any dangers occur and what species are more likely to be harmed by the product.

Skin Sensitization

Like skin absorption testing, this test also consists of the application of chemicals on the skin of an animal. This test focuses on the skin's response to a product and to find any allergies that might come from the use of the product.

Draize Testing

This test is done to find how the eyes react when in contact with a product. Rabbits are the most popular animal used in this test because of their large eyes.

Why you should not support animal testing

Not only does animal testing cause a great deal of harm and pain to the animals, but it is also less effective because humans' skin and bodies react differently than animals.

Is animal testing in cosmetics necessary?

Animal testing in cosmetics is NOT necessary. Over the years, more scientific methods have been formed and have found much safer and more effective ways to test the safety of products. Testing on animals is also a much longer process and costs more than other tests.

Is animal testing still used today?

Thankfully, animal testing is becoming less common today. Companies are starting to realize how unnecessary the tests are and how widely unwanted they are by consumers, that they are instead turning to safer testing methods. However, some companies still test their products on animals, so we recommend doing a bit of research on brands before you purchase them to ensure they are cruelty free.

Aveda Testing

At Neroli Salon & Spa, we are proud to use Aveda products for it's many environmentally conscious efforts and even more reason, the brand does not test on animals. We follow Aveda’s mission below:
Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.
Because Aveda so deeply cares about the world we live in, they have always opposed the idea of animal testing and their products are “people-tested”. Aveda received Leaping Bunny Approval in 2022, an internationally recognized gold standard for cruelty free products, which requires cruelty free standards over and above legal requirements.

Ultraceuticals Testing

Here at Neroli Salon & Spa we love using Ultraceuticals skincare products as they have a wide range of cosmeceutical-grade products that address major skin care issues such as premature aging, acne and uneven skin tone. Event better yet, Ultraceuticals products are all cruelty free. The brand conducts internal clinical tests on humans who voluntarily participate.
Additionally, the line does not contain harsh chemicals, propylene glycol, parabens, synthetic dyes, or synthetic fragrances.

Stop purchasing animal tested products

Testing on animals is extremely cruel and outdated with all the new testing methods available to brands. We strongly encourage you to stop using animal tested products if you have any and instead, opt for cruelty free products. Animals deserve to live a life that doesn’t involve any unnecessary harm or pain caused by humans. Help us make a change by purchasing cruelty free products.

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