#NeroliCares: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Millions of women have experienced the news that changes their life forever. Whether you have been directly impacted or know of someone who has been—the effect that it creates is beyond anything that can be expected. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. This effect goes beyond just 1 woman though—it affects her family, friends, and entire support system. As women, we are taught to care for one another, support each other, and uplift in times of hardshipAt Neroli Salon and Spa, we believe in supporting our community, our guests, and our team who have experienced the life-altering impact that breast cancer has left behind 

The month of October is all about breast cancer awareness and providing resources, financial support, and comfort to the millions of individuals who are impacted nationwide. This can be done through fundraising, donating, sharing awareness, or helping with the small things for a friend or family member. The effects of breast cancer are not just physical—but mental and emotional. little can go a long way when it comes to support 


We are proud to partner with local non-profit ABCD (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis) to bring awareness and support to those impacted by the effects of breast cancer. This year will be our 10th year supporting ABCD and their amazing efforts in providing support to patients and their families.  

ABCD works as a compliment to the medical specialists through providing mental and emotional support for the patients and their loved ones. Founded in Milwaukee, WI– ABCD works as a one-to-one support system through over the phone and online services that are accessible worldwide for anyone who needs assistance. These services are free to those affected and are intended to bring support, motivation, encouragement, and understanding to those who need it most.   

ABCD has over 275 professionally trained mentors who are also breast cancer survivors who work with patients and their families to provide personalized support. Each patient is paired with a mentor who not only received a similar diagnosis and treatment plan, but that comes from similar family backgrounds, has common interests, and compatible personality traits.  

These services are completely confidential and are meant to bring support to those who need it most. In addition to a mentor, ABCD also connects patients with trusted sources to gather further information regarding treatment plans and diagnoses, appearance assistance, and support with work-life balance.  

These treatments are meant to be used all the way through survivorship to help the patient stay motivated and optimistic throughout their journey. ABCD’s mentors are individuals who have also been through this journey and have reached survivorship themselves. As someone who has went through it—they have a passion to ensure others with a similar story can say the same. 

“Decades of research indicate that patients who take advantage of non-clinical support like ABCD’s customized, one-to-one support are more likely to finish treatment, have improved survival rates, show a reduced risk of recurrence, and report experiencing less distress, healthier social relationships, and an improved quality of life.”— National Cancer Institute, Office of Cancer Survivorship and National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship 

We are honored to be a part of ABCD’s journey and mission. Each year we raise awareness and support to ensure that those within the Milwaukee community and beyond have the ability to access the necessary resources needed to increase success and support during their journey. If you or someone you know are seeking support during this time, we encourage you to get connected with an ABCD mentor today 


There are many ways that you can show support during breast cancer awareness month. To better assist the Milwaukee-found organization ABCD, we offer support through fundraising and funding throughout the month of October. Every little bit helps, and we welcome and support anything that can be provided during this time.  

For those looking to donate or show support, here are some ways to get involved through Neroli Salon and Spa:  

1. Spin To Win

Each Neroli location offers our fun “Spin to Win” game. For just a $10 donation, you’ll earn one spin that guarantees an amazing prize. Prizes include a complimentary Aveda  product, $10 towards your next service, a gel polish upgrade and more! Spin to Win will be available throughout the month of October. Stop in to get a holiday head start on your shopping or be sure to play during your next service. 

2. Round Ups

Donations of any amount are always welcome. Donate via rounding up to the next dollar and beyond! 

3. Team Jeans

If you see a member of the Neroli team sporting jeans during the month of October, we haven’t changed our all black workwear looks! The team has the opportunity to donate $20 to rock their jeans during the month. Many of our guests love matching their service provider’s donation, and we encourage it for this amazing cause. 

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ABCD is a very special organization to us. Not only is it a local organization, but it provides amazing support to those who need it most. It is our mission to help support, uplift, and care for the men and women within our community who are directly impacted by this life-altering diagnosis.  

We encourage community involvement in any way possible. You can also show your support through sharing ABCD’s mission using social media or sharing with those who might benefit from their services.  


Tag us using #NeroliCares throughout the month of October to share with us how you and your loved ones spread breast cancer awareness throughout your community.