Where In The World Is The Neroli Team: The Great Barrier Reef

Where In The World Is The Neroli Team: The Great Barrier Reef

Today was Reef day!

We started on a boat called the “Ocean Spirit” over to Michaelmas Cay, which is a National Park and a protected sanctuary for seabirds. On the beach, we strapped on our flippers, goggles and mouth piece and snorkeled around the Reef. We were told it was jelly fish season (???? ????) and so we also wore full body wet-suits.

After exploring, we saw colorful fish and coral, a sting ray, sea turtle and several jelly fish. It was such an incredible experience! Also, the beach was literally filled with birds, so as we snorkeled, we heard the songs of many birds.

We then piled into a semi-submersive boat to view coral under water. We got a closer look in the areas where we couldn’t swim in, which was great. In addition to a whole ton of jelly fish and beautiful fish, we saw some giant clams and more coral.

It was such an incredible day! It rained off and on, which made the waters very choppy and not as clear, but we still all got our tan on and were able to see some pretty incredible sea life! ????????


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