Where In The World Is The Neroli Team: Sydney Bridge, Langham Spa, & Fishburners

Where In The World Is The Neroli Team: Sydney Bridge, Langham Spa, & Fishburners

Today was such a fun, PACKED day!

We started off the day with some education. First, we were off to the Langham Spa, which is a 5-star resort. It was absolutely beautiful. Funny enough, many things about their spa are similar to Neroli’s spa. We got to ask some great questions, and their spa manager was so knowledgeable. Always great to see what spas are doing internationally.

Next we were off to “Fishburners,” a company that helps start ups connect with others and grow their business. It was a wide range of speakers, from someone who studies Bitcoin, to a software company who wants to make it easier to avoid retail theft in self-check out lines.

For lunch, we took a ferry to a fabulous seafood restaurant, Doyle’s. The view couldn’t be beat as we sat on the beach and enjoyed our seafood. We ate our food so fast before I had a chance to take pictures of our oysters, prawns, mussels and their famous fish & chips.

At dusk it was time for the Sydney Bridge Climb. Many of us faced our fear of heights as we strapped on a very flattering suit and climbed over 1,500 stairs and 1 mile. The views were breathtaking from 440 feet above sea level. We were lucky enough to experience it while the sun was still up, and then as it was going down into nighttime when the city lights up.

Blog written by Bayshore Esthetician and Ayurveda Practitioner, Eve. To schedule a service with Eve, call 414.227.2888 or reserve online.

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