5 Skincare Updates To Make This Fall

5 Skincare Updates To Make This Fall

We all feel it, dry air can really take a toll on your skin. Just like your wardrobe, your skincare routine may need to change with the seasons. So when you switch your sandals to boots, it’s time to switch your skincare products for the dry, chilly months.

#1: Switch Out Your Cleansers

Exchanging your gel or foaming cleanser for a cream cleanser is key during dry months.

Cream cleansers have moisture built in and are gentle on dry skin. So stash away your other favorite cleansers for the warmer months.

Our Botanical Kinetics Gel Cleanser is wonderful during seasons with more moisture in the air, but the BK Crème Cleanser is perfect for dry months.

#2: Add An Exfoliant To Your Routine

Regularly exfoliating during the winter months is great for your skin.

It sloughs off dead, dry skin cells to help eliminate dull skin to give you a glowing completion. This in turn will benefit any serums you apply to work properly and helps how your makeup lays on your skin.

Our Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant should be used once a day. It has a natural salicylic acid derived from wintergreen to gently exfoliate the skin.

#3: Add A Moisturizing Toner

This extra layer before your moisturizer can make all the difference in preventing winter dryness.

Our Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion is a gentle liquid you gently pat on your skin before a lotion/moisturizer to seal in hydration throughout your day.

Pro Tip: The hyaluronic acid in this product works to seal in up to 1000x its own weight in water.

#4: Swap Your Face Moisturizers

Change your lightweight moisturizer for a richer cream for lasting hydration. You may need to step up to using a richer moisturizer during the cold months if you feel like your skin cannot get enough moisture throughout the day.

Lightweight lotions may not feel the same on your skin in this colder climate. Try a richer cream that will protect your skin with lasting moisture. Aveda makes several thick creams for you to choose from.

Our Botanical Rich Crème or Soft Crème will help infuse hydration into your skin, also providing a good base for makeup that will last you all day. If you don’t like the feel of these creams during the day, using them at night is a great way to replenish your skin also.

#5: Use A Lip Balm

In the summer we protect our lips to prevent sunburn by using a SPF, but don’t always think to protect them in the drier months.

Our lips don’t contain oil glands so they can’t really replenish their own moisture.

How To Get Soft Lips
Gently rub the Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant over your lips to help with flakes and dryness. Next, glide on some Lip Saver to keep them soft and prepared for any lipsticks you apply later.


When we find products we love, we don’t always adjust to what our skin really needs come winter months. So when things aren’t working like they did in prior months, you may want to swap a few so your skin gets the hydration it needs. We want to do the best for our skin, and simple changes can help maintain it throughout the year.

This blog is written by North Shore Esthetician, Andrea. If you would like to schedule a service with Andrea you can reserve it online, on the Neroli app or call 414.227.2888.

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