Aromatherapy For Littles


Aromatherapy For Littles

It is true that there are days in every household where each part of the day is fantastic. On this day, the kiddos have had balanced energy, ate all their “veggie-terribles” and at the end of this day they go to bed without any complaint. We all long for these magical unicorn days. Getting creative with aromatherapy and essential oils may assist you in achieving this type of day with your little more often.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Double down on bath time.

Time in the tub is great for creativity and imaginative play. Spending too long in the bath will dehydrate skin which can cause itching and discomfort during bedtime. Adding 10 drops of rose to the water will help hydrate the skin during a bath. Adding 10 drops of lavender will help to relieve stress as well. Combine both for twice the benefit!

2.  A “smell-good” sleep pal.

Place 5-10 drops of a grounding or calming aroma (stress-fix or chakra 1 mist) in your palms and rub together. Then, grab your little’s favorite bed time pal and rub the aroma all over it. If you choose an aroma spray, simply spritz 2 or 3 times onto the pal and you’re set. Add more “smell-good” every couple of days. Aveda’s essential oils have the convenience of being mixed with a base so you can apply topically or diffuse them as well.

3. Essential energy

If your little is feeling sluggish or tired, offer tangerine or bergamot to help lift their spirits and their energy levels. A great method for this is rubbing a few drops into the palms and cupping it over the mouth and nose area for a few deep breaths to balance sluggish energy. Afterwards, you can rub the aroma onto the back of the neck and under the hairline for continued aromatic benefits.

There are countless ways you can incorporate aromas and oils into the life of your little! From eucalyptus on the chest and feet when they are sick….to a few drops of peppermint behind the ears to relieve a headache. Head-to-toe, essential oils are the way to go! To learn more about the do’s and don’ts of essential oils and how they can benefit  you, visit:

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