Aveda’s Invati Advanced

Aveda’s Invati Advanced

Never Feel Embarrassed

Being behind the chair, I’ve seen it all. I’m here to educate you on a touchy subject for most individuals, thinning hair. This is NOT something to be embarrassed about what so ever. Many people start to notice thinning  from all age ranges and I just want to say it is way more common than you think! About 40% who experience hair thinning or loss are women and the other 60% are men. Whether it’s just a little to a lot, so many people face this situation. Stress can definitely slow the production of hair growth or even speed up hair loss, and we all are feeling the stress of 2020 right about now. As a stylist I want to ensure you that I truly care about your here and I’m here to help with any concern. I want to introduce you to Invati Advanced! 


What the heck is Invati?! 

Many people I’ve seen are nervous to touch into this conversation but hopefully after this article you’ll fee a little bit more at ease. Invati Advanced is Aveda’s line created for thinning hair. It’s designed to help keep the hair on that beautiful head of yours longer! This product is 98% naturally derived and it helps reduce hair loss by 53%. That is amazing! For you to notice results, Invati Advanced has to be used religiously, meaning you have to use the full system. When used faithfully, you will start to notice results within 12 weeks. 


The Shampoo 

The first step in the system would be the shampoo! Invati advanced shampoo is an amazing gentle exfoliator. It helps to GENTLY exfoliate the scalp by removing any build up that can clog your pores. It also helps in detangling your hair while shampooing  to help prevent breakage from occurring. Hair is fragile and this is the perfect shampoo to cleanse your scalp in a gentle, careful manner. Wintergreen salicylic acid is what helps unclog your pores while ginseng and certified organic turmeric help invigorate the scalp to promote hair growth! 

The Conditioner 

The second step in the system is the conditioner. After your cleanse your hair, make sure to follow with this. It gently conditions the hair while also plumping each individual hair strand to help you feel fuller! Certified organic alma is the ingredient that helps plump the hair shaft while a beautiful blend of plant oils help add the conditioning component! Invati Advanced conditioner is going to help your hair feel soft and full all day long. 


The Scalp Revitalizer 

The final step to the process! This is a daily leave in to be followed after you wash your hair. Take sections of your hair and add a few drops on each partline and massage on in! The scalp revitalizer is very important because over time this is what will provide you with fuller, thicker hair! The ingredient combination of tangerine peel and Japanese knotweed is what helps penetrate into the scalp to aid in the hairs natural keratin which is hair’s natural protein! This is going to help seal in these beautiful ingredients to help promote healthy hair growth over time! Like I said, this system needs to be used in full and for 12 weeks straight to notice results. This is the perfect line for people looking to help preserve the hair they have and to help diminish signs of thinning! On top of all these amazing components, Invati Advnaced comes in standard as well as a Men’s line. It’s versatile and I can ensure anybody facing this concern will be thrilled with these results! 

Blog written by East Side Hair Designer, Alanna.  Schedule your reservation on the Neroli app, through online reservations or call 414.227.2888.




























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