Hand Relief for Overwashing

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Hand Relief for Overwashing

My skin is drier than EVER before with all the necessary hand washing we are all doing! Cracked, rough skin on knuckles and cuticles CAN be helped. Layer moisture for better relief. First use oil, then seal it in with Hand Relief Moisturizing Crème. Layering is necessary when we are extra dry. If you do one or the other and are still dry, give this a try!

You will need: Aveda composition oil, singular note oil, or what I like to call it – liquid gold. (which Neroli also retails.) Hand Relief lotion or preferred lotion/creme. Aveda lovers can also replace Hand Relief with Beautifying body moisturizer, Stress Fix crème/lotion, Shampure lotion, or Rosemary Mint lotion. 

Hand Relief is preferred because it is a protector as well as moisturizer. It protects by leaving a barrier on the skin for up to 3 hand washings!

*Optional: If you have received Neroli manicures and chose the buff and shine option instead of polish, you may have taken home your high shine buffer which is blue and white. 

Step 1. Drop oil at cuticle base, spread around edges and on top of nail. Get the front side too! One drop for every other nail, spreading excess oil to other nails and cuticles to avoid having way too much excess. Pull excess oil down fingertips onto top of hand and massage into skin. If knuckles are rough and cracked, apply a couple drops of oil directly and massage into skin. 

Step 2. Let the oil soak in. This may be immediate, or take a few minutes. 


Step 3. When oil has visibly dried, place pea size dot of Hand Relief (or chosen moisturizer) on top of hand. Scoop half of your pea size dot of lotion with your fingertip and apply to cuticle skin (of opposite hand) all the way around the nail. “Frost” your cuticles, filling the gap between skin and nail where oil was also focused. Again, pull any excess lotion down fingers to top of hand and massage in. 

Step 4. If needed, apply more Hand Relief and finish moisturizing any remaining dry spots. Optional – When done moisturizing, buff top of nails with blue side first, then white side. This should bring your nails to a high shine similar to having a clear coat put on. Shines up even more with all that moisture!



If you find you are greasy feeling after this, try less product for each step. Oil can be hard to control. If you accidentally get too much for hands to absorb, spread up forearms and elbows, spread to stomach or legs. All areas will appreciate the moisture.

The same with Hand Relief. If greasy feeling, use less and focus on top of hand. Palm side of hand doesn’t need as much. Of course you get it on palms to put it on so wipe off excess from palm side of hand after applying. Wipe on your arm or a towel. 

The key is to really let oil absorb before adding the lotion cuticle crème. Body oils that work well are plant based, which absorbs into our skin better than petroleum-based products like baby oil. They also have Vitamin E, commonly labeled as “Tocopherol”, which is great nourishment (anti-oxidant &skin conditioner) for the skin and nail bed too! 

Scientific Facts: 

Tocopherol, a fat-soluble vitamin, is found in vegetable fats and oils, dairy products, meat, eggs, cereals, nuts, and leafy green and yellow vegetables. It is usually present in these foods as mixtures of different forms: alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-Tocopherol. The alpha form has the same biological activity as vitamin E. Tocopherols can be produced from vegetable oils or can be synthesized. Tocopherol Acetate, made by the esterification of Tocopherol with acetic acid, is frequently the source of vitamin E in dietary supplements. 



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