Keep Your Hair Healthy at Home

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Keep Your Hair Healthy at Home

Home care is an essential part of keeping the health and integrity of your hair between salon visits. It has become even more apparent since the pandemic. Let’s make sure to keep our ourselves and our hair healthy!
The Aveda Nutriplenish system is my favorite home care hair product line to keep well nourished hair.
Nutriplenish system
1. Deep moisture: Nourishing, Buttery, intense hydration
2. Light moisture: Light weight, Fast absorbing, hyper hydration
3. Leave-in Conditioner: detangle, Heat protectant, uv filter
4. Multi-use Hair Oil: Restores Hydration (5 ways to use)

Do you need Light or Deep Moisture?

Light Moisture is enriched with fast-absorbing oils, so you receive intense hair hydration without the heaviness.


Deep Moisture contains more nourishing butters than the Light and is specifically designed for hair that craves a serious moisture boost from a richer formula. 


Your Hair Type vs. Texture

This chart represents the hair strands. Find where you land on this chart to decide if you need light or deep. 


Your hair type is its density—is it fine or medium? Your hair texture is the personality of your hair; it’s where you sit on the curl chart—from 1A to 4C.

Nutriplenish™ works on all hair textures, but here’s another visual: 

Now that you know which products to grab, I’ll walk you through some important reminder for at home care & tell you a little more specifically why I love Nutriplenish. My love for Nutriplenish begins at the multi-use hair oil! It’s easy to add into your regimen.


5 ways to use Nutriplenish Multi-Use Oil

  1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment: Pump oil into hand and apply evenly to dry hair from root to ends a bit before getting into the shower. Shampoo out.
  2. Leave-In Treatment: For hydration and shine, on towel-dried hair, apply oil evenly to hair. Style as desired.
  3. Post-Styling Shine: Apply to dry hair as needed from mid-lengths to ends.
  4. Overnight Oil Treatment: If you’re needing extra hydration-work oil into dry hair from root to ends. Do not rinse. Shampoo out in the morning. (This way is my favorite!!)
  5. Hydrating Scalp Massage What are you doing to keep the health and integrity of your hair during this time?
If you need to replenish any Aveda home care products, Neroli is continuing curbside pickup. And during the month of August, we have buy 3 get the 4th product free. You could buy your shampoo, conditioner, multi-use oil, and get the leave in conditioner free! 

Blog written by North Shore hair designer, Liz. Want to stock up on your products? Call 414.227.2888 to place your curbside pickup order or stop into a Neroli location. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888.

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