How to Care for Your Braids

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How to Care for Your Braids

At Neroli Salon & Spa, we believe in emphasizing the importance of at-home care. We have all experienced the joy of how our hair looks and feels directly after getting our hair done. However, keeping it that way can feel like a challenge. Whether you get your services with us, or somewhere else, we have you covered on salon looking and feeling hair at all times.  

We spoke with Catrina at our Northshore location about the best ways she cares for her braids in between her hair services to ensure they look and feel their absolute best.  

Catrina’s Story: 

For the last few months, I have been rocking knotless box braids. Every 8 weeks I take my braids out, shampoo, and masque my hair. However, since we have been in quarantine, I have been unable to get new braids, so I am rocking my current braids a little longer than expected.  

I wear braids because I love the style. I love that I do not need to do much or anything at all to style my hair. It is low maintenance! Braids are a protective style, like a barrier. I don’t worry about breakage or heat style damage.  

Although braids are low in maintenance it’s important to keep our scalps clean and healthy. Just as we shampoo our natural hair, our braids need to be shampooed, too. In an 8 week span, I typically shampoo my braids twice.  

How I care for my braids:

Below I have shared my daily routine when caring for my braids. This has worked the absolute best for my hair, and I am excited to share with others who might benefit from it as well. I use Aveda’s Pramasana scalp cleanserThe Pramasana scalp cleanser will gently cleanse and exfoliate the scalp to remove any buildup.

How To Use:   
  1. I wet my scalp and braids. Then, I apply the cleanser and work it into my scalp and hair in a vertical direction, to avoid Frizz. 
  2. Rinse well. 
  3. Use a small amount of conditioner on the ends only. 
  4. Rinse well. 
  5. Dry your scalp and braids completely. I use a hooded dryer 45 minutes, maybe more depending on the size of my braids. You could also use a hand held blow dryer. If your hair and braids are not completely dry, you could have problems such a mildew, and/or fungus growth. 

Even with braids, your hair and braids need moisture. I use Aveda’s dry remedy oil on my scalp. I use Aveda’s beautifying oil on the braids. It is important to oil your hair because your hair is intertwined in the extensions. It still requires hydration and moisture.  

 Although I only shampoo my braids twice within 8 weeks, every week I make sure to refresh my scalp with Aveda’s Rinseless Refresh and oil my braids as needed. The Rinseless Refresh is one of my favorite products to use while rocking my protective styles. In between my shampoo days, this produce instantly cleanses my scalp and gives my hair a pleasure clean aroma.  

My 3-Step Daily Process:

Step 1: 

I spray/apply Aveda’s Rinseless Refresh on my scalp and allow it to air dry.

Step 2: 

I apply a few drops of dry remedy oil onto my scalp and gently massage it in.


Step 3: 

I use the beautifying oil to add moisture to the bottom half of my hair that is intertwined with the extensions.

So, as we’re wearing braids or other protective styles, let’s keep our scalps and natural hair looking and feeling healthy and happy!  

At Neroli Salon & Spa, we understand that everyone’s hair works differently. Just because one regime does not work, does not mean that there is not one out there for you. Regardless of if you receive your hair services from us or elsewhere, our team of stylists are trained in providing you with an at-home care that is safe and effective for all hair types.  For more information on how you can keep your braids and other hairstyles looking and feeling fresh, schedule your reservation on the Neroli app, visit our online reservations page, or call us at 414.227.2888.

On behalf of Neroli Salon & Spa, join us in congratulating Catrina on 10 years with the brand! She is incredibly talented and we are very excited for her continued journey.  For further hair, braid, and at-home care–book your next appointment with Catrina at our Northshore location!  

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