Keeping Your Hair Healthy At Home

Home care is an essential part of keeping the health and integrity of your hair between salon visits. Due to the craziness of the last year, we understand that your salon visits may have become fewer and farther in-between. But, with the right products and advice, you can keep your hair salon-fresh for weeks (if not months!). Aveda’s Nutriplenish line is my favorite home care hair product system to keep your hair hydrated and nourished.



The Nutriplenish System

Nutriplenish is amazing for those who need a hydration boost in their hair, which is a lot of us. Although our scalps may produce oils that make our scalps look “greasy,” typically the ends of our hair could use a little help in the hydration department. Keeping your hair hydrated helps keeping your ends from splitting and becoming frizzy. Hydration also helps tame those annoying flyaways.

nutriplenish  nutriplenish

This line is all superfood-infused with organic pomegranate oil, mango butter, coconut oil and more to help revitalize, smooth, and lock-in moisture. Aveda is 100% vegan, and using the power of plant-derived ingredients and omega-5 rich oils can make hair so incredibly shiny and healthier looking instantly. And, to help keep your hair from drying out in the sun, the Nutriplenish collection also includes sand ginger which is a small but mighty UV filter (which, as a Hair Designer, this is SO cool!).

Here’s a breakdown of the entire line:

nutriplenishDeep Moisture

Nourishing, buttery, intense hydration. Available as a shampoo & conditioner.

Light Moisture

Light weight, fast absorbing, hyper hydration. Available as a shampoo & conditioner.

Leave-In Conditioner 

Detangler, heat protectant, UV-filter spray-in conditioning mist. Can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment, leave-in for wet hair after a shower, or on dry hair throughout the day.

Daily Moisturizing Treatment

Locks in 4x hair hydration, heat protectant, UV-filter buttery conditioning treatment. Can be used on clean, damp hair for instant hydration and detangling or can be used throughout the day to reduce frizz and flyaways and to refresh dry ends.

Multi-Use Hair Oil 

Restores hydration with 5 unique ways to use.


Light Vs. Deep

Deciding which product variation is right for your hair can be intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be! Nutriplenish works for all hair types and textures, you just have to decipher how much of the richness & butteriness you need. The “Light” line is lightweight and fast-absorbing with the same powerful ingredients of the “Deep” line. “Deep” just includes 50% more butters for more rich & decadent hydration.

Here is a helpful guide for before you shop:


As always, if you are unsure of which products are right for your hair, your Neroli Hair Designers absolutely love Nutriplenish and would be happy to find the proper solutions for your hair.

One of my favorite products from Aveda is the Nutriplenish Multi-Use Oil, and it’s especially perfect for at-home hair care. Once you try this product — which works for all hair types and textures — you will never go back, I promise! It’s designed to be used in many ways (hello “multi-use”), and the versatility of this oil just blows me away.

Five Ways To Use Nutriplenish Multi-Use Oil


Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Pump oil into hand and apply evenly to dry hair from roots to ends and wait a few minutes before getting into the shower. This is would be perfect opportunity to wash your face or shave your legs before washing your hair! Shampoo oil out and condition as usual.

Leave-In Treatment

Perfect for extra hydration and shine that lasts all day. Add one or two pumps to hands and apply to tower-dried hair evenly. Style as desired.

Post-Styling Shine

Apply one pump to dry, styled hair as needed from mid-lengths to ends. Goodbye flyaways!

Overnight Oil Treatment

If you’re in need of extra hydration, work generous amount of oil into dry hair from roots to ends. Do not rinse and enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep. Shampoo out in the morning and condition as usual. Pro Tip: This method is my absolute favorite to see instant results!

Hydrating Scalp Massage

Enjoy or treat a loved one to a relaxing scalp massage using a generous amount of oil evenly through hair roots. Shampoo out and condition as usual.

What are you doing to keep the health and integrity of your in-between salon visits? If you have any questions if the Nutriplenish system is right for your unique hair, your Neroli Hair Designers would be happy to chat about it at your next visit.

Blog written by North Shore Hair Designer, Liz. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888. To shop the Nutriplenish collection, visit us in-store or browse online now.


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