No Heat Styling: Perfect Drip Dry

No Heat Styling: Perfect Drip Dry

There’s no better time than now to start practicing a no heat hair routine! I’ll show you which Aveda products to use. There are three main textures to give your hair the perfect heatless style of your dreams.

Pro Tips For Styling

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Product usage is different on wet hair, you will need to use more than when you do a normal blowout 
  • Every head of wavy or curly hair needs 3 products- something healthy, something stiff, and something soft (more on this in a minute) 
  • Once you’ve applied your product, HANDS OFF! You should only be scrunching, fussing, or shaking out hair that is completely wet or completely dry. 

no heat product guide

No Heat | Prep

Step 1: Wash and condition, ideally with a low foam/sulfate free cleanser and a moisturizing conditioner. 

Aveda Favorite

Nutriplenish Light Moisture shampoo and conditioner

Step 2: Squeeze excess moisture out of the hair, trying not to use any friction, just squeeze! An old t-shirt or microfiber towel is nice as long as your hair isn’t crazy long or thick. 

no heat styling products

No Heat | Styling: Healthy

Step 3: Something HEALTHY- apply anywhere from a dime to a silver dollar amount of a leave in conditioner to treat the hair and detangle.

If using a spray leave in-spray all over, detangle, and spray again to make sure hair is treated from root to ends (this gets rid of frizz) 

Aveda Favorites


No Heat | Styling: Stiff

Step 4: Something STIFF- Apply the same amount of a hold product. This could be a volumizing mousse, a gel, or a beach wave spray, it’s really up to you! Each one will have a slightly different feel and firmness. Apply the product and work it through all over the hair (not just the ends!!!) Hair should be almost dripping wet. 

Aveda Favorites

Step 5: For a softer texture without too much definition, detangle once more and part the hair before letting it air dry completely.

Pro tip: For enhanced, more defined curls or waves put a little more product on your palms, flip your head over and scrunch your wet hair to help it spring up into its natural pattern and sections. Flip back over to organize it and let it air dry completely. (NO MORE TOUCHING until it’s dry!!) 


No Heat | Finishing: Soft

Step 6: Finish with something SOFT- use a few drops of a hair oil or smoothing serum after the hair is BONE DRY (you can use a diffuser for the last bit if on a time crunch).

Pro tip: Curls or waves should feel slightly stiff, possibly a tad crunchy, and breaking them up with your hands should soften your waves the perfect amount. 

Aveda Favorites


Need More Products? 

We are offering curbside pick up at select Neroli locations. Stock up on your go-to products and try these fun no heat styles. Call 414.227.2888 to place your order.


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