Post Workout Hair Styling

Post Workout Hair Styling

If you’re like me, post-workout sweating puts a damper on my hair washing schedule. With the weather getting warmer and gyms beginning to open up, we’re able to start to get back into our typical routines.

I put together a few tips on how to get out of washing your hair every time you workout. 

Post Workout Styling Tips

Tip #1: Apply dry shampoo around front hairline and through your part, prior to putting up in a ponytail. Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo is a great option!

Don’t worry about it looking too powder-y (I’m talking to you brunettes)

If you’re still wearing a hat for some cooler days (thanks Wisconsin)-this is also a great tip to help with hair that gets staticky, along with getting a little sweaty.

Tip #2: After your workout, take a blow dryer to dry up some of the moisture.

You’re already warm from working out/post shower-use the cooler heat setting. No need to add extra heat to hair!

Tip #3: Add more dry shampoo around front hairline and part-line. This time, focus more on working the dry shampoo in.

If you need to touch up some pieces, don’t forget to use a dry conditioner/heat protectant (specifically to be used on dry hair) before touching up with a curling iron or flat iron. I love Aveda’s heat relief. It works great on reforming my natural curl so I barely have to touch up with a curling iron.

Still not feeling it? Add in a fun headband or pull hair off to the side and into a low messy bun to not feel like you “just left the gym.”

Cute Post Workout Pony Tutorial

If you’re like me, you’re trying to stretch out washing your hair as many days as possible. Which in turn, is causing me to put my hair in a lot of ponytails. However, I don’t want to look like I’m just leaving the gym either, so I’m trying to create an imperfect ponytail.

Whenever I am working with my hair that is more than 2 days from it’s last washing, I ALWAYS like to prep it with dry shampoo. I also like to try to add as much fullness to my hair, without having to heat style day after day. I love using the combination of Aveda’s Dry Shampoo along with Texture Tonic.

The Texture Tonic is going to help as grip to your hair, so it will be easier to pull pieces out of your ponytail, without slipping out completely.

Step 1 - Create Pony

I start my pony by adding dry shampoo to my entire front hairline, then through my part-line and then through my crown.

Step 2 - Add Texture Tonic

I then will spritz a little bit of the texture tonic through my ends. Allow to dry for 30 seconds before moving on to the next step.

Step 3 - Securing Pony

I begin to gather my ponytail to the top of my crown, the higher the better. When securing your ponytail in place, make it just loose enough you could fit one finger between elastic and hair. This will come in handy in the following steps.

Step 4 - "Pull & Pinch" Technique

Once the pony is secure, begin to use a “pull and pinch” technique. Simply pull hair gently out of pony tail, and then pinch ponytail back into place. When I am “pinching” my ponytail back into place, I am pinching upwards to help create more volume.

If you’re new to this, start small-you can always keep pulling.

Step 5 - Adding Softness

After I get to a point where I like how the pony looks, I’ll pull some pieces around my face, to add softness and allow for it to look “undone”

Bonus - Post Workout Accessories

I like to add cute scrunchies at the end for a few reasons. It helps to hide the elastic you used (so if you used a black elastic on blonde hair, you don’t have to worry) and it also helps to secure the elastic you left a little loose earlier.

Pro tip - Adding Wave

I have natural wave to my hair, so I don’t feel like I have to touch my curls up. I rely on texture tonic to bring the curl back to life after being slept on. This is a great way to style if you have curled your hair previously, and it still has a little bend to the hair.


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