Product Spotlight – NutriPlenish Overnight Serum

We keep on seeing new hair products on the market, and you may ask yourself why do I need another? But do you feel the same about skin care? I don’t know about you, but as a skin care fanatic I am always looking to add another product into my skincare routine. Most of my skincare takes place at night as that’s when it’s a time to rest and give your body time to rejuvenate from the day. It’s also the time your body heals. That is exactly what the new Aveda Nutriplenish Overnight Serum is designed to do. 


Throughout the day (and in-between wash days), our hair loses essential nutrients and hydration. The Nutriplenish Overnight Serum is designed to replenish your dry hair strands overnight by 72%. Nutrient-powered superfoods are not only popular in diets, but in hair care as well. Aveda has always set out to provide the best quality in their hair care using all natural ingredients to provide big impact results. The Overnight Serum uses mango butter, organic coconut oil, and organic pomegranate seed oil as its superfoods to help nourish hair strands and restore its vital lipids overnight, leaving hair twice as hydrated as the day before. 



As someone born and raised in Wisconsin and who spends much of my time outdoors with my 3 dogs and in the garden in the summertime (finally!), my hair noticeably takes on an amount of environmental damage. Although climate, pollution, and UV rays are only a few things to worry about when it comes to damage, and may be minor to some, they can still impact the hair and lead to hydration loss slower over time. If you consistently are washing your hair in hot water and blow drying with high heat, hydration may be lost in your hair much faster even if you’re using a heat protectant. Remember, heat protectants are only a surface protector of the hair strand itself. Nutriplenish Overnight Serum has the technology to protect the lipids in your hair, helping prevent dehydration and damage in long term. 


Lipids in the hair help our hair feel how we want it to feel – smooth, shiny, silky. When our hair isn’t feeling those things it’s likely because our lipid barrier has been stripped. The only way to revive our lipids is to add moisture back into the hair and help maintain those lipids – this is especially important for highly textured hair. 


So now that we are obsessed with the new Nutriplenish Overnight Serum, how do we effectively use it to get the best results? The beauty of this product is that it is a simple one step product. Just apply a few pumps of the serum (depending on thickness) to the mids to ends of your hair at night, and let it do its magic overnight. No need to rinse in the morning! Pro tip: although it has pillow-proof technology, everyone should invest in a satin/silk pillowcase! Not only are they great for your hair to help reduce friction while you sleep, but also amazing for your skin as well.


Especially for those with hair extensions, you know how extremely hard it is to keep my hair hydrated. The Nutriplenish Overnight Serum is the new holy grail of hair products for all hair types, and especially those with extensions. Many other products such as leave-in conditioners that claim you can put in dry hair end up separating extension hair and leaving it looking stringy, greasy, and unnatural. The Overnight Serum does exactly what it does – gives your hair a boost of hydration that it needs by morning and leaves it feeling soft without that excess weight of other products. Although it is marketed as an Overnight Serum, I have also used a very light amount mid-day if I have had an active outdoor day to help replenish my hair for any evening activities and have had absolutely no problems with absorption of this product. As I said, this product is a holy grail and a staple for all hair types especially those living in the Midwest! 

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