Skin Care For Changing Seasons: Summer Into Fall

Pumpkin spice is back at your local coffee shop, and although we may not want to admit it — were headed straight for the changing seasons! As a licensed esthetician, one of the top questions I am asked is, “How can I keep the same skincare routine year-round?” Although it would be amazing to have a skincare routine that’s always simple & consistent, with living in the temperamental midwest, we don’t have that luxury.


Due to the weather changes that come with the fall and winter months specifically, skin compositions and concerns will more than likely change as well. You may have to add, take away, or change the formula of specific products to keep a healthy routine that fits your lifestyle living here in the polar vortex we all know and love.

Where do i begin?

First things first — don’t be intimated by updating your seasonal products. Just think of Skincare 101: Follow the basics. At bare minimum, make sure to cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin both morning and night. In the evening, feel free to swap out your protection step (we’ll get to this in just a minute) and show your eyes some well-deserved TLC with a great eye cream.

It’s very important to establish this type of routine and follow the same process daily to get the results you’re looking for. Especially in winter when the weather drops, humidity also lowers which causes a harsh reaction of dry or dehydrated skin in most — if not all — Wisconsinites.  


The first step of every routine morning and night! There are numerous options of cleansers but for drier seasons, it is best to use one that has a cream formula. Creams are oil-based whereas gels are water-based. A cream cleanser will gently remove those dull surface cells without stripping any essential moisture from the surface of your skin providing the perfect refresh for your delicate skin.  


Everyone — no matter the skin type — should moisturize or use a face lotion. Again, at bare minimum, it is crucial to cleanse and hydrate your face daily. It prevents congestion and promotes healthy skin for better cell turnover which increases radiance and overall facial appearance. Products in this category best suited for the colder seasons also tend to be creams. If your skin is on the oily side, you can swap for an oil-free moisturizer or gel-based lotion that may feel lighter and look less shiny. This step is so important because it creates an essential barrier on the surface of your skin to protect from environmental stressors.  


This is your beloved SPF! In this previous blog post, different types of SPF and their benefits are referenced, but the quick rule of thumb is to have a minimum of SPF30. I would also recommend opting for a mineral SPF option. Chemical sunscreens only block UVB rays which block sunburn, but mineral sunscreens blocks UVA rays which are the ones responsible for early signs of aging while also blocking UVB ray at the same time. 


Serums, treatments, and masques will be your best friends for targeting any other skin concerns that may pop-up during these next two seasons. From acne and congestion, to anti-aging and excessive dryness — if you have the ability to spend more time on #selfcare, have fun with these product options to further customize your regimen.  

Recommended Routines By Skin Type

BOosters by skin concern


If you’re unsure where to start or what skin type you have, visit us for a facial! Each facial includes a complimentary and thorough skin consultation. You’ll leave refreshed and radiant, and with a routine that best suits your unique skincare needs.