The weather is changing once again–are you prepared for it? During the warmer months, we focus on skin protection, SPF, and achieving our glowing and radiating skin. Simplicity is key as your spring and summer on-the-go fun begins, and the good news — we have you covered!

Aveda launched their newest Botanical Kinetics Serums and we are absolutely loving it for spring. Not only do they have three different serums to accommodate multiple skin types, but they also have serums for the various times of year, too. Your skincare routine just became a whole lot easier.

To give you a better understanding of these serums, we spoke with Jillian at our Neroli Salon & Spa Northshore location about her experience with the Aveda Serums and what you need to know about them. Did we forget to mention? These serums also come with a brand-new facial. The Stem Cell + Plant Acid Facial which incorporates the serums into the actual facial, combines deep relaxation with instant results.

Jillian - Esthetician at North Shore
Anyone can use these serums; it just depends on your skincare goal...Skincare is 80% what you do at home and 20% what we do in the treatment room. The treatment room is our opportunity to do extractions, deep exfoliation, as well as some added relaxation. I always like to say that a person may not always remember what I did in the treatment room, but they will remember how I made them feel. "
Q: What Are Serums? How Do They Differ from a Concentrate?

“Concentrates are comprised of different ingredients that are used to target concerns like sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, and the overall firmness of the skin. Whereas serums target conditions of the skin like dryness, texture, and clogged pores. Serums are best used when they are applied on the skin before moisturizing.”

Q: What Are the Benefits of Aveda’s Three New Serums? What Are the Key Ingredients?

“First, I will start with the Intense Hydrator which is meant to help the overall hydration of the skin, especially in the cooler temperatures. The main ingredient that I like to highlight to my guests is the hyaluronic acid. It comes in two forms, the hyaluronic acid, and the sodium hyaluronic which work together to get really deep into the skin. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water, so it works best when you put it on damp skin to lock in hydration. This serum works best for those with dry skin as well as those with combination skin during the cooler months. In cold seasons, the air is actually taking all the moisture from our skin, so it is important that we are replenishing it.


Next, is the Pore Refiner Serum. This serum is perfect for minimizing the look of pores within the skin. A lot of people typically experience issues within the ‘T Zone’ area. This works to resurface the skin’s overall texture and helps to achieve smooth and pore-less looking skin. The way this achieves those results is through the salicylic acid which is an AHA exfoliant that goes into the pores and helps clear out congestion. It works to immediately reduce the appearance of pores and works to unclog and purify the pores. For anyone who struggles with congestion or larger pore size within the ‘T Zone’ this will be incredibly beneficial for you. It also works well for those with an oily skin type, too.

Lastly, is the Instant Luminizer Serum. This serum works more with targeted texture. When you feel your skin—if you experience any sort of bumpiness or texture, this serum will help to dissolve any surface cells to unveil brighter and more even skin underneath. This is a great serum for those with dryer skin as it will offer a lot of benefits in achieving soft and smooth skin. The main ingredient is lactic acid which is a BHA that stays on the surface of the skin to help remove all those dead skin cells. A general piece of knowledge is that AHA penetrates the skin and BHA stays on the surface.”

Q: Who is the Ideal Candidate for These Serums? Which Skin types?

“It depends on who I am working with. I am definitely going to look at everyone’s skin type first. Anyone can use these serums; it just depends on your skincare goal. If you are trying to get rid of texture, then the Instant Luminizer will be the serum for you. I always explain to my guests that removing dead skin cells is a good thing, but we are also removing the top layer of skin cells which is our protective layer, so it leaves our skin a little more vulnerable to the sun. With all these serums, it is important that you are using a sunscreen to protect your skin. It should be the last step of your morning skincare routine to help to counteract the exfoliants that are used. It is important to protect our skin because sun exposure can lead to hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles in the future.”

Q: Can You Use Multiple Serums Within a Skin Care Regime? What Do You Recommend?

“You can definitely use all of these serums in your regime, but you do not what to use them at the same time. So, if you are going for that glowing look during the day, you are going to use the Instant Hydrator right away in the morning. Then at night, you will use the Pore Refiner so that the exfoliants can work while you are sleeping.

You do not want to use them within the same timeframe such as layering two at once. This is because it will become too thick on the skin, causing it to pill. Layering the serums are not recommended, but you can certainly use the Tulasara concentration oils with the serums for an extra layer.”

Q: How Do These Serums Work Within the Stem Cell + Plant Acid Facial?

“Each serum has a separate protocol. So, with the Intense Hydrator, we are applying that anytime the skin is bare to really build up that barrier. With the Pore Refiner, we apply that before extractions to really open the pores. The Instant Luminizer is used right after exfoliation. We use a radiant skin refiner to remove any dead skin cells physically, then we apply the Instant Luminizer to remove any leftover skin cells chemically. These serums work as an added benefit to really personalize the skin’s treatment and enhance results.”

Q: How Frequently Should A Guest Receive the Stem Cell + Plant Acid Facial?

“Ideally you should be coming back every 4-6 weeks for this facial. Skincare is 80% what you do at home and 20% what we do in the treatment room. The treatment room is our opportunity to do extractions, deep exfoliation, as well as some added relaxation. I always like to say that a person may not always remember what I did in the treatment room, but they will remember how I made them feel. 

Relaxation is a huge part of the service. Included in this facial we also do a Marma points massage using gemstone wands which allows for another form of deep relaxation and self-care. This is completely unique to the Stem Cell + Plant Acid Facial and helps to enhance not only your skin, but your overall experience, too.”

Q: Do You Have Any Additional Comments Regarding the Serum or the Stem Cell + Plant Acid Facial?

“We use a Vitamin C complex throughout every single variation of the Stem Cell + Plant Acid Facial. This helps to promote collagen and elastin and works as our massage medium with the gemstone wands. The gemstone wands help to calm the nerves, reduces fatigue, stress, and tension. It also helps to increase circulation.”

Here at Neroli Salon & Spa, we are so excited to be able to share these new serums with you, especially during a seasonal shift. As Jillian mentioned, now is the perfect time to put hydration and moisture back into your skin. Whether you are out in the summer sun looking for an extra glow or seeking some extra hydration during a cool autumn day, the new Botanical Kinetics Serums will have you covered.

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