A Guide To Hand Tied Hair Extensions

You’re scrolling through Pinterest and your eyes catch a photo of someone with beautiful, thick, flowing hair. Do photos like this catch you thinking, “Ugh! There’s no way I can ever get my hair to look like that”? We’ve all been there, but I have news for you. You absolutely can get your hair to look like that. With the help of your knowledgable hair designer and few fresh rows of hand tied extensions, you will get that “Pinterest Hair” of your dreams. If you are nervous about taking that step and are not sure where to start — don’t worry. In this blog, we will dive into exactly what to expect when you book a hand tied extension service. 


irina hand tied extensions         irina hand tied extensions
Hand Tied Hair Extensions before & after by Mequon Hair Designer, Irina.


Consultations & What To Expect

irina hand tied extensionsThe most important place to start your hair extensions journey is the consultation with your hair designer. Consultations are designed to help the stylist get to know you, your hair, and your lifestyle while getting a clear picture of your end goal. To begin, you and your stylist will look through photos of what specific styles, color and length you desire. Looking at photos together is the best way to ensure you are both on the same page of what kind of outcome you’re wanting. Your version of a dimensional blonde could be different from what your stylist’s version of a dimensional blonde is and photos are the true way to determine that you two are on the exact same page. 

After reviewing your favorite photos and deciding on the style you’re wanting, you will then be color matched. Color matching is vital for perfect, blended and undetectable extensions. Your stylist will bring out our color ring of extensions and match them with your natural hair color. You can also receive two or even three different colors if you’re looking to add more dimension. There are numerous colors to match you with, but if there’s ever any customization needed, we can always color the extensions using Aveda’s vegan, plant-based color line. 


Color Customization

Coloring the hair extensions is a great way to blend them with your natural hair. Adding dimension like a shadow root allows you to have brightness through the ends and can drastically change the outcome of your hair extensions. Looking at my photos below, you can see what the extensions look like when they come straight from the box — and although they are beautiful and dimensional, this guest wanted to have a softer look by her roots so the extensions wouldn’t be noticeable when she puts her hair up. The next photo shows an example of how we created a shadow root using Aveda color. This creates a seamless blend between the guest’s hair color and the extension hair. Seamless color allows you to wear your extensions in any style you want without fear of having any wefts showing. A quick lowlight and tone for this guest, and we were all ready to put those babies in!


irina hand tied extensions         irina hand tied extensions          irina hand tied extensions



During the installation of your extensions, your stylist will section your hair into a large horseshoe shape. Your stylist will then take small sections and pull them through small silicone beads. These beads are waterproof and heat resistant, so they will not move or melt while you are wearing your extensions. The beads are placed in a specific way to ensure your extensions have a solid base to hang on to. Your hair designer will then hand sew the extensions to your hair to create your perfect “Pinterest Hair” look. It will take a little getting used to if you’ve never had extensions before, but it is an easy adjustment. 

Hair Flip!

It’s time to enjoy your new, gorgeous mermaid hair. Hair extensions are a great option for anyone looking to add length, volume, a pop of color, or all of the above. Take it from a few of my guests who love their new hair: 

irina hand tied extensions“I was so nervous about getting extensions because I didn’t want them to damage my fine hair. I also didn’t want them to be noticeable. But now I cannot imagine being without my extensions. I feel like a Pinterest model. I finally feel like I have normal hair for the first time in my life.” – Carmel L

“It was taking me forever to grow my hair due to the damage I had done with bleach. I hated the way my hair looked and wasn’t confident when I would go out. These extensions let me grow my hair out in a healthy way while feeling confident in myself. I can’t imagine life without them now!” – Alex T.

“I have very fine hair and with the hand tied extensions, my hair feels thicker and I feel more confident. I absolutely love them!” – Lauren C. 

Of course, there will be some maintenance needed on your part to keep your extensions healthy and luscious. With proper care, your extensions can last you up to 8+ months! They will require regular move-ups every 8 weeks to ensure their invisibility, but with proper hair practices (regular brushing, blow drying, etc.), you’ll be loving your new hair for a long time. 

All at-home care details and more will be shared with you during your consultation. I am so excited for you and your hair journey, and hope to witness it first-hand! 

Blog written by Mequon Hair Designer, Irina. Visit our website to view our hair extensions menu now. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888.


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