Abdominal Massage

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Abdominal Massage

An abdominal massage is a gentle, noninvasive treatment that has amazing health benefits. It can be done to treat a wide variety of concerns, especially those related to the digestive and reproductive systems. You may feel the healing effects of an abdominal massage immediately or just minutes after the session.

The objective of the massage is to relax the stomach muscles and soften the tissues around the internal organs. It increases blood flow to the abdomen, helps stimulate digestion and toxins release through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. 

Abdominal Massage Benefits

● Releases muscle spasms
● Improves digestive function
● Relieves constipation
● Reduces bloating
● Alleviates menstrual pain

Abdominal massage is safe and works for almost for everybody, but there are some contradictions like for people that recently had an abdominal surgery or for people during pregnancy. However an abdominal massage can even be prescribed by a physician to someone immediately after childbirth or for someone who is a couple of months post-surgery.

This is because in addition to the already named benefits, a massage is great softening scar tissue (therefore relieving pain due to tissue restriction). You can do a self massage or ask your massage therapist to include the abdomen in your session.

Massage Experience

Are you wondering what to expect …. it feels great! The technique can be done with your clothes on or unclothed, but it is not invasive at all. If you have it done professionally the only exposed
part of your body will be your belly. Prepare for a massage by eating light and not spicy foods for a few hours before and drink plenty of water after the massage.

So, if you have not tried an abdominal massage yet and you are willing to do something great for your health, try it! I promise, you will love it!

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