The Beauty Of Body Treatments

Interview with a certified Neroli esthetician

Beyond massages, facials and waxing, our highly talented team of estheticians perform other services at our spas that pamper and replenish the entire body. We sat down with one of our licensed estheticians to dive deeper into each of these full body treatments and the wonderful benefits that they provide our guests. If taking better care of your skin was one of your resolutions this year, then this blog will be incredibly helpful for you. We believe that once you read more about each service you too will understand the beauty of body treatments as well as the impact they have on helping you look and feel your best.

Hello everybody! My name is Becca Cahak and I am an esthetician at Neroli Salon & Spa Downtown. I have been performing services as an esthetician at this location for over a year now.It has been fantastic seeing so many different guests from such a variety of demographics, lifestyles and needs. You can find me on Instagram as @skincare_by_becca, if you want more skin care tips!
Neroli Service Provider - Becca

Can you tell me a little bit about the Neroli Spa body treatments?

“Of course! Let’s dive into it! Each of our body treatments has amazing benefits for our guests, from providing a visible glow and leaving your skin with a renewed feeling of nourishment and hydration to reducing visible lines and loosening tight muscles. Now that we’re deep into the Wisconsin winter, it’s more important than ever to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized because of the damaging effects that exposure to cold, dry hair has on our beautiful skin. If you have ever paid attention to how your skin gets during this time, it can also become dull. We want to avoid that, and that is what our Neroli body treatments are designed for. These treatments help remove dead, lifeless skin and bring forth renewed skin that is beautiful year-round. They are all different services, but if there is one thing I can guarantee, it’s that you will feel relaxed during and after your service. We have four different services to discuss today; they are the body polish, the salt elixir, the tone body treatment, and the herbal wrap.”

Body Polish

45 minutes from $75

Reveal supple, luminescent skin with our invigorating full body treatment using both dried herbs and sea salts to exfoliate, cleanse and refine your skin. Aveda’s Replenishing Moisturizer is then applied, leaving your entire body feeling smooth and soft.

“Let’s start off with our basic treatment, the body polish. This is a service I highly recommend for anybody who has never gotten a spa treatment done before. For anybody who has never received a spa body treatment, this is a great introductory service because you will be able to really see the results once your service is finished.

First, we start off by having our guests undress and lay face down on the table, and relax. Next, the esthetician will cover their body in a mixture of both dried herbs and sea salts, starting on their back. The entire body will be treated in this exfoliating and soothing mixture. This will exfoliate dry, dull skin and will lift any dead skin that might be preventing you to look your best. This is why the service is called the body polish; this unique scrub reveals the luminescent skin that is underneath. Once scrubbed, we ask our guests to head to the steam shower where they will remove the salt from their entire body. The steam shower also helps guests relax, feel their skin breathe, and get ready for the next step where we will replenish and moisturize the skin. Using full-body hydration, we return some of the moisture that the skin has lost during the treatment. After the treatment, your entire body will feel amazingly soft and with a beautiful, healthy glow.

If you have ever had an exfoliating facial and loved the results, imagine what a full-body exfoliating treatment can do for you!”

Salt Elixir

60 minutes from $125

Expose brighter, healthier skin with our full body exfoliation and skin refinement system using steam, dead sea salts, and skin conditioning oils. The result is conditioned soft, polished skin.

“Let’s move on to the next Neroli spa treatment, the salt elixir. During this service, guests undress and relax while lying flat on their backs to start off. After this, we use the same herb mixture used for the body polish treatment and it is mixed with Aveda’s signature massage oil. This mixture is then spread all over the guest’s body. This process will exfoliate away dead, lifeless skin and also soften the skin in the process.

For the next step, we bring out one of my favorite tools, the steam tent. The steam tent is used to cover the guest’s entire body (except the face); a hose is connected to extremely hot water that creates a vapor that will fill the entirety of the steam tent. During this time, the guest will remain under the steam tent for 15-20 minutes where the hot steam will react with the salt mixture, allowing the skin to detoxify and remove impurities that are underneath. The reaction of the hot water vapor with the salt mixture also softens the skin and removes lumpiness on the skin that some guests might be looking to treat with this service. The sensation is so soothing, relaxing you while you are under the steam tent. It has the same benefits as a steam shower, but with added relaxation, since you are lying down.

After this, guests are directed to the steam shower and remove the salt mixture from their bodies to move on to the next step where we will replenish moisture using full-body hydration once again. The results are amazing. Your skin will be buttery soft and supple, full of life, and you will feel like an entirely new person. Highly recommended!”

...our full-body treatments provide added benefits like exfoliation, detoxification, and hydration, especially during the harsh Wisconsin winter."

Tone Body

60 minutes from $100 | Series of 3 from $243

A BelleCore body buffer is used to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage in specific treated areas – enhancing the body’s natural detoxification processes and shrinking swollen fatty tissues. Upon completion full-body hydration is applied, leaving your entire body feeling smooth and soft.

“The next body treatment that I want to talk about is the tone body. This is a 60-minute treatment that will help loosen your muscles in addition to leaving your skin feeling smooth. This treatment also helps flush metabolic from the body, using the body buffer’s powerful vibrations to help with circulation in specific areas that we treat. A bit of warning though, this is a service that is not intended to be done on guests that are pregnant or on blood thinners.

Like our other body treatments, we start off with having guests undress and lying on the treatment table on their back. We begin with a full-body salt scrub and herbal mixture to clean the skin, leaving it super smooth, luminous, and healthy, just like with our other treatments. After this, guests remove the mixture with our signature steam showers to continue with the main event of this treatment. The BelleCore body buffer is used all over the body, using the vibration movements to promote circulation and loosen muscles and soft tissue. The body buffer vibrates and rotates, reducing the appearance of cellulite as well. This is a major benefit that many guests enjoy from this body treatment service as the pulsating movements help loosen up fat cells deep in the skin. Once the buffing is finished, we follow up by replenishing the body with full-body hydration. Guests will enjoy the benefits of very smooth and soft skin, with the reduced appearance of lines and visible cellulite. I think this is a great service for anybody looking to not only relax but who also wants to see visible results on the appearance of their skin. I should also mention that this is a great service to receive before a massage service. The BelleCore body buffer treats sore muscles by warming them up, so this is a great alternative for anybody who has a very active lifestyle or needs to give their muscles some more care.”

Herbal Wrap

50 minutes from $75

Warmed linens soaked in herbs cocoon your body to provide muscle relaxation and body detoxification through the process of perspiration. Wonderful pre-massage treatment option.

“Let’s move on to the next and final full-body spa treatment, the herbal wrap. This is a service that will maximize muscle relaxation and provide a sensation of lightness that will you leave you feeling refreshed. The herbal wrap is different from our other services not only in its setup but also in its benefits. Our team members set up the treatment table with thermal sheets that are designed to trap heat and then place very hot clay packs that are soaked in herbal blends on top of them. We then place linens on top of the table and ask guests to lay on top, where will provide a full-body dry brush on their dry skin to begin the treatment. The dry brush helps promote lymphatic drainage, which is beneficial to treat a variety of medical conditions.

After this step, we wrap our guests in linens soaked in warm herbal blends; we then finish by cocooning them with the thermal sheets to make sure the heat is trapped inside and promote the perspiration that the body needs to remove toxins. This also helps the skin absorb the natural benefits of herbs. Guests will then profusely sweat out any harmful toxins and impurities trapped in their skin for the next 15-20 minutes, all while they receive a comforting scalp and eye massage. During this time, the weight of the linens plus the high heat created by the cocoon is designed to push your body into a state of relaxation unlike any other you have experienced before.”

What benefits do these treatments provide?

“Aside from promoting relaxation and providing some much-needed care to our bodies, our full-body treatments provide added benefits like exfoliation, detoxification, and hydration, especially during the harsh Wisconsin winter. These are also terrific services to receive prior to a massage service because they warm up the muscles, which makes the service much more effective. If you are a somebody that regularly receives waxing treatments, these are terrific additions to make your skin even softer to the touch and to avoid troublesome ingrown hairs that might grow after the service. These services are definitely geared more towards guests that are interested in taking care of not just the appearance, but also the health of their skin.”

Who might be a good candidate for these treatments?

“Honestly, I would say that anybody that has skin would find incredibly beneficial receiving these treatments! I am sure that all of our guests will find something they will love about each of our full-body treatments. I would recommend booking monthly or bi-monthly services to receive the treatments regularly, especially for some of our services that are booked quickly. I would also recommend any current guests that enjoy their massages to enjoy any of these services since they complement each other so well. The tone body, for example, is a great alternative for when your favorite massage therapist is not available for a session in the next couple of weeks since it does provide those additional benefits to your muscles. A lot of our guests enjoy booking these services in advance so that they save a space for self-care in their busy calendars.” 

What do you recommend following up each one of these services?

Very important question! For services like our body polish, salt elixir, and tone body treatment, I would recommend drinking lots of water afterwards since the body has lost so much hydration as a result of the salt scrub used. For starters, staying moisturized is very important, which is I recommend using the Aveda Hand Relief and Aveda Feet Relief to leave your skin supple and moisturized. I know it is a product line that all of our guests enjoy because of how soft it leaves their skin with just little drop of creme. I would also recommend using the Aveda Beautifying Radiance in between services to maintain the soft skin feeling year-round. This full body scrub is great to exfoliate the skin at home, but I know that our guests enjoy having somebody else do the service for them, which is what we love doing!

What is your favorite service and why?

“I would definitely say that the salt elixir is my favorite service to perform. While each of the services has their own benefits and are geared towards different lifestyles, the salt elixir is such a terrific treatment for everybody because it leaves your skin visibly looking amazing, plus the salt elixir treatment leaves the skin so soft and supple. I have not had a single client that has not been amazed at how renewed they feel after their service is finished. Plus, the steam tent that we use to perform is pretty cool too. It helps clients relax by elevating the body’s temperature and helping relax the muscles while also detoxifying the skin. I would also say that it’s my personal expertise and probably the service I have performed the most so far.

If you want to try these or any of our other spa services, remember that you can book directly online. Each full body spa treatment session comes with a free consultation as well as a complimentary steam shower and foot soak as part of your service. Make sure to reserve your appointments now as the books fill up very quickly! For some services we are booking out weeks in advance. If you haven’t tried any of these services yet, we hope you give one of them a try during your next visit and give your skin the care that it deserves so you always look and feel your best.”

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