Choosing a Massage That’s Right for You

Choosing a Massage That's Right for You Stone Massage

Choosing a Massage That’s Right for You

When booking a massage, you may be wondering which type of massage would be right for you.  Massage is massage, right? Well, yes, but choosing the right massage will increase the chance that you reach the desired outcome.


Let’s dive into the world of massage. If you’re looking to relax and not be in “good pain,” then Neroli’s Signature Massage is the most fitting choice. This service is all about de-stressing the body, and does not aim to fix that shoulder you haven’t been able to raise for a week.  The Signature Massage uses the “Swedish,” or relaxation, style.


Stress-Fix Body Massage is a popular specialty massage choice. It’s 80-minutes of blending relaxation and deep tissue, incorporating acupressure and foot reflexology for a full body experience. This pressure is customized to what your body needs at the time, either relaxation or deeper muscle work. We also can combine the two types for those who are a little in between. Aveda’s Stress-Fix calming aroma is used throughout.

Energy balancing

Energy Balancing Massage is 80-minutes, but does not cover the full body. This service focuses on therapeutic  massage techniques on the back, as well as foot reflexology, and light touch energy balancing using guided meditation along the seven energy centers that run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. The result is grounding, balancing, and centering.


The tai massage renews muscle tone and flexibility with an ancient massage technique that applies deep pressure along the energy lines of the body together with the stretching of muscles, while replacing tension and stress with the feelings of energy and peace.

This massage is performed the floor. When reserving, you will be asked to bring or come in athletic/comfortable clothing in order to receive all the benefits of this service.


The Aveda Hydrotherm Massage is 80-minute of full body work while face-up throughout. Cradled on warm water filled cushions kept at a constant 98-100 degrees, your therapist will reach under you to massage the backside of body. The massage uses a more relaxation-focused style and the warmth of the cushions help your muscles release tension as soon as you lay down. This massage is most suitable for the average body type.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is also available. Please inform when booking so we can have setup ready for you. We use specialty cushions which allow you to be face down with your belly supported.  You can also switch to side lying on the cushion if that is more comfortable.  Most guests find the specialty cushions to be very comfortable, and this gentle full-body massage is all about nurturing mama-to-be.

Stone Massage

Stone Massage is 80-minutes of full body work. Mostly focusing on relaxation, but varies on your therapist. Smooth lava stones are great tools to aide in deep tissue work, and brings a sense of comfort and warmth

sports Massage

The sports massage is perfect for athletes or guests with very active lifestyles. Experience manual manipulation of the muscles geared specifically toward aiding physically demanding lifestyles and hobbies. The conscious focus of sports massage therapy maximizes the benefit of certain massage techniques and supports further physical exertion and activity. This massage can greatly help you pre- and post-activity, as it helps to increase range-of-motion and flexibility, as well as promote recovery and reduce soreness.

Neroli Salon Spa Milwaukee Salon Spa Massage Deep Tissue Massage
Neroli Salon Spa Milwaukee Salon Spa Massage Deep Tissue Massage
Neroli Salon Spa Milwaukee Salon Spa Massage Deep Tissue Massage


The Shiatsu massage. This massage detoxifies, re-energizes and alleviates internal tension with a traditional, Japanese healing method, Shiatsu, meaning, “finger pressure.” Shiatsu massage techniques use palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, elbows, knees and the feet to work on the body’s acupressure points to balance energy flow, and strengthen the vital organs.

deep tissue

So, let’s say you try the Signature Massage, but think the pressure could be a bit more even if your massage therapist increased the pressure after you asked. Alternatively, the pressure could be adequate, but certain areas still seem like they could use more work when doing a full body massage. This may indicate that a Therapeutic or Deep Tissue Massage would suit your needs more.

Deep Tissue Massage has been renamed “Therapeutic” in the massage industry.  This style is usually deeper than a relaxation-focused service, but varies depending on the client.  It has been renamed because it is more about seeking pain relief for specific areas or conditions.  It is slow and specific work, especially as the pressure deepens.

Therapeutic Massage not only works the pain area you feel directly, but also the surrounding areas that work alongside the pain area, to increase your results.  It’s all connected.  For example, as the therapist, I want to focus on the upper shoulder where client feels it.  But if the upper shoulder is stubborn, I know if I work the outer and under side shoulder areas, and then go back to the primary stubborn upper shoulder area, then those stubborn upper shoulders release more and with less time.  This may mean that even with longer sessions, a full body massage may not always be accomplished.  Longer sessions make it more likely, but it just depends on what you feel you need.  It may be worth foregoing a full body massage for a few sessions to really address stubborn areas.


The classic cupping massage has been a fan favorite for years. Cupping treatments help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and work as well as deep-tissue massage.


I may have saved the best for last. The Ashiatsu massage is performed with our massage therapists feet. Yes, we said feet.

In the Japenese language “Ashi” translates to foot and “Atsu” into pressure. Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy is a barefoot massage modality utilizing western massage techniques to improve the client’s postural alignment, range of motion, muscle responsiveness and overall health and well-being. As a practice, it is compromised as a set of unique and proprietary foundational and structural techniques, strokes and sequences, all of which were designed to be customized to suit each client’s individual needs. Parallel bars are used above the massage table for balance, support and client safety.

timing and frequency

Length of time of appointment is also important to match needs with outcome.

  • 35 Minute: These massages are good for working on specific parts of body, but not the full body. This is most commonly used to work the back and neck. However, a runner may want hips, legs, and feet.
  • 50 minute: A 50 minute massage is an ideal time for full body work.
  • 80 minutes: An 80 minute is an ideal time for full body work as well as extra time to work on focus areas.
  • 110 minutes: 100 minutes is an ideal time for full body work as well as even more focus area time.


Timing greatly depends on the client, their body, stress levels, and how long the tension and stress patterns have been  building.  It may also depend on frequency of massage appointments, and when your last massage took place.

The more frequency of services = the more the body can reset stubborn patterns for lasting relief.  I mean, if I only go to the dentist once every two years, I cannot expect the same results as if I go every 6 months. It’s as simple as that.

So, if you need increased focus work, schedule longer appointments. And if you still need more relief, massage frequency is key.  Let’s say you receive a massage once a year; that is better than no massage, but may not be adequate to experience enough effect on the muscular patterns.  Try fitting in a massage seasonally, or just four times a year, and see if you notice a difference. If you’re looking for a greater effect, increase your massage routine to monthly or biweekly.  Some bodies even do best with once a week!  Some need just a couple sessions to feel better, while others may need a few months.  Use frequency to get results faster and after that goal is achieved, it’s best to stick with some type of monthly or seasonally maintenance regiment.

You can tell if receiving more frequent services is helping your body by feeling a greater result after nearly every session.  If not, exploring another therapy or a combination of treatment may lead to better results.  Chiropractic work, physical therapy, acupuncture and massage are very complimentary to one another.  You may experience better results combining therapies if massage helps, but you still hit that plateau that you just can’t break through.  Regular massage services can increase benefits of relaxation, too.  I like to think of it as hitting the reset button for the body, mind, and nervous system.

Neroli Salon Spa Milwaukee Salon Spa Massage Deep Tissue Massage Stone Massage

Blog Author: Corey

Corey is a Massage Therapist and Nail Designer located at the North Shore Neroli Salon & Spa location. For reservations visit us online, through your Neroli app, or call us at 414.227.2888.

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