Ingrown Hair: Tips & Tricks

Ingrown Hair: Tips & Tricks

Let’s talk about ingrown hair; they are ugly red bumps that can be itchy and very annoying as well as unattractive. As an esthetician, a lot of my guests come in with this problem. First, we need to go over how we get ingrown hair. Then we can talk about how to treat them and prevent them.

What Is Ingrown Hair?

Ingrown hair can accrue if you’re waxing or shaving and sometimes all on their own. When you’re waxing, you’re removing the hair by pulling against the hair growth. That movement can cause the hair to break. Then when the skin heals, it heals over the follicle causing it to create an ingrown hair when the hair grows back.

When it comes to shaving, you’re creating a blunt edge to the hair also causing the hair to curl back into your skin. The most common areas to get ingrown hairs are in your bikini area, under arms, and legs. But you can get them anywhere there is hair or where dry, dead skin cells build ups.

Healing Ingrown Hair

My top recommendation for healing ingrown hair is exfoliation.

I have found that a natural loofah works really well as a daily exfoliate; you want to use it every time you shower with your body wash. Another good exfoliate is a body scrub. Using once a week, you will be able to remove any build up of dead skin and loosen any hairs that are trapped under the skin.

If you have any that are more pimply and raised, I love to use tea tree oil; I recommend leaving it next to your toilet and apply it in your infected area a few times a day.

If you’re seeing a lot of ingrown hairs in your bikini area switch to seamless under wear; it will help prevent irritations along the seam line. Ingrown need time to heal and you will want to avoid shaving over the area. Just as important as the exfoliator, is good moisturizer. Following up with a daily moisturizer will help to keep the skin soft and hydrated.

preventing ingrown hair

When it comes to waxing, you definitely want to find an experienced esthetician. As we have learned, ingrown hair can happen if you’re not careful. However going to a seasoned service provider can help reduce the chances of hair breaking and avoiding unwanted side effects.

When it comes to my guests, I recommend doing a light exfoliation the day before your waxing service. Below is my after care recommendations:

Waxing Tips

  • No exercising after or doing any activities that can cause you to sweat
  • Wear seamless underwear or no underwear for the next 3 days
  • Use tea tree oil as needed up to 3 times a day
  • Exfoliate the area 3 days after your waxing, then once a week
  • Use moisturizer daily

Shaving Tips

When it comes to shaving, you always want to make sure the razor is clean and change it out often to prevent using a dull blade. Make sure the skin is nice and hydrated; I recommend shaving at the end of your shower or bath to help with that.

It’s really important to exfoliate once a week with a scrub so that any dead skin cells don’t have time to build up and clog you hair follicles. You always want to use a shaving gel; it will help prevent razor burn, ingrown hair and irritation. Follow it up with hydrating your skin after your shower or bath.

Waxing isn’t for everyone and neither is shaving, find what works best for you and if you find you still have a hard time with either then there is always laser hair removal. It takes time and being consistent with your routine to clear up the ugly red bumps.

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