Acne Services and Treatments

Acne Services and Treatments

Pimples, blemishes or bumps we’ve all dealt with them, most of us had some type of acne through out our life. Even though we’ve all experienced it, it’s been in different ways and on different levels. This is a guide to all of Neroli’s acne services and treatments and which clients they are right for. 

Neroli offers facials, peels, and other advance skin treatments that help treat acne using Aveda and Ultraceuticals along with varies other technologies


  • 50 min Tulasara Facial, this is a a customizable facial using Aveda’s plant base products. Within the 50 mins your face would be gently exfoliated with salicylic acid, derived from wintergreen, underneath steam and manual extractions can be performed if necessary. Afterwards ingredients like raspberry stem cells are applied to the skin to soothe the breakouts and reduce redness. Neroli also offers this in a 35 min version but I don’t recommend if you want enough time for extractions. This facial is a great introductionary facial to anyone having black heads, white heads, papules, or pustules. Also great for teens who are just starting to introduce skincare into their routines, pregnant women, someone who wants to treat their acne but still get a relaxing spa experience, and for our guest who likes to keep it natural with plant based products. 
  • Clarify Facial, this is another Aveda facial focused on clearing up congestion but with some major upgrades from the 50 min Tulasara that I mentioned before. For starters it’s an 80 min long facial, giving us and additional 30 mins to address other skin concerns along with acne. This facial also includes a complimentary add on called high-frequency, it’s a heat producing, oxygen creating electrical current that kills bacteria in the skin. Making this facial great for all types of acne, even cystic. Pregnant women and people with certain health conditions aren’t good candidates for high-frequency.
  • Ultra Facial, this is facial using our cosmeceutical line Ultraceuticals, medicine and cosmetics combined. In the service strong correctors will be used along with a performance masque. Extractions aren’t performed in this facial but high concentrates of salicylic and mandelic will still target all types of congestion. This facial is a results driven facial, combined with Ultra Peels quick improvements can be made in your skin. Great for adults. 



  • HydraFacials, uses patented technology to cleanse + peel, extract + hydrate, and fuse + protect. These facials are great for everyone.  A glycolic peel, LED light therapy, and lymph drainage are some of the things that make the hydra facial a great treatment for acne. Safe for everyone but hasn’t been tested for pregnant women. 



  • Aveda’s Plant Peel, a peel with no down time. This peel gently targets all types of acne with salicylic, plant enzymes, and glucosamine. This is a great express treatment for anyone or can be added on to either the 50 min Tulasara facial or the Clarify facial for maximum results.  After this service the only thing you need to worry about is wearing SPF
  • Ultra Peel, Ultraceuticals offers a couple different kinds of chemical peels. This is a higher concentrate of an acid that is applied to your skin. Some superficial peeling may occur. Mandelic acid will mattify, deeply cleanse, and target congestion. 


  • Tulasara Back Facial, if you have any breakouts we can perform the tulasara facial on your back. If desired the Aveda plant peel or high-frequency can be added on to target hormonal breakouts.
  • Salt Elixir, in this body treatment you receive a full body scrub. The scrub also contains Aveda’s liquid exfoliant, that working with the salt detoxifies pores while you relax under a steam tent. Great for clearing up service level breakouts. 

If you have any further questions regarding your skin or what services to book please set up a complementary skin consultation.

Blog written by North Shore Esthetician, Taylor.  Schedule your reservation on the Neroli app, through online reservations or call 414.227.2888.

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