Q&A With Neroli’s Bridal Concierge

We all know weddings are a huge mix of emotions — but stress shouldn’t have to be one of them. Our #NeroliBrides deserve an effortless wedding day and bridal planning experience, and our Bridal Concierge, Helena, is here to help make that happen. We sat down with Helena to ask her all about her role and how she assists in creating a magical day for you and yours.

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What is a bridal concierge?

I am here for our #NeroliBrides for any and all needs! First and foremost, I will coordinate requested appointments for hair and makeup for you & your bridal party for your wedding date. I’m also happy to assist with reserving your trial run reservations, nail services a day or two prior, as well as coordinating all of your wedding preparation appointments (from skincare, to highlights, lash extensions, spray tans and everything in between!). Beyond that, I am devoted to make your wedding day as perfect and special as it should be.

How do you help brides plan their big day?

I’m passionate about organization — so I help keep things as smooth as possible because I understand how many little details there are to manage. When you call or email me to schedule, we’ll talk about your venue location as well as photography plans so that we can create the best timeline for your bridal beauty services. I will create an initial itinerary so that you have all information about your Neroli visit in one place. i will also communicate updates on the itinerary if you need to make any adjustments, as well as touch base the week before your big day for one final confirmation. I can help coordinate all of the details as well. We can have services paid for in advance so that your wedding day starts as seamlessly as possible. If you need any information or assistance scheduling hotel rooms or limo services for your & and your guests, I’m here for you!

How often are you in communication with the brides? 

As little or as much as you need! I’m here to answer questions or make changes through all steps of the process. Or, if you just want to get everything set up 6 months in advance and leave it at that, I’ll just circle back the week before your wedding with a final confirmation. But, in that meantime, I’m absolutely available to you as you need. i will also mail you a postcard after you schedule initially to help you build your beauty timeline before you tie the knot.

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What bridal services do you help coordinate? 

In addition to your wedding day services, let’s talk about a visit the day before for you and your bridesmaids to get nails and blowdry & styles done! Maybe you and your fiancé/fiancee want to come in a few days before and enjoy massages together to unwind before the festivities. And I’d love to help set up trial runs for your hair and makeup with our talented team 4-8 weeks before your wedding. We can’t forget about the gentlemen either! I’ll help you get detailing services scheduled for your groom, groomsmen, dads, and others for their hair and facial hair so everyone is looking picture-perfect. I am also happy to get bridal gifts prepared for your party — whether you’re thinking about gifting some products or gift cards towards services, I can coordinate those as well. I’m all about getting to know you and your needs so I can make personalized recommendations. Weddings are never “one size fits all.”

How many brides do you assist per year, typically? 

We haven’t had a typical year for the last two years of course, but I would say around 130-150 per year.

When is the best time for brides to begin their conversation with you?

Now! I usually suggest at least 6 months ahead of time so that we can work together to build a complete beauty regimen to get your hair, skin and nails ready for this important day. Let’s chat — asap.

Do you ever meet the brides in person?

Not typically. I work in our Corporate Office in the Third Ward and not within the locations, but I’m available via phone and email. I do love when brides share images with me after their trial run appointment or wedding day, though! I love to share in your excitement and the incredible work our talented team does.

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What are some frequently asked questions from brides? 

“Is it too early to schedule?” Absolutely not! I love speaking to brides who are 6-12 months out from their big day, whether you just have basic questions about cost and availability or if you are ready to get your hair and makeup for your group scheduled. The more notice, the better because it just means we have more time to plan those details. To another frequently asked questions — YES! Airbrush Makeup and Lash Extension services are both definitely “worth it.” They make such an impact on your wedding day look and the final photography. Plus, if you’re headed to your honeymoon right after, how great to wake up with gorgeous lashes and save time on your makeup routine while you are celebrating your newly-married life.

To your knowledge, how do our bridal services and Bridal Concierge service compare to other salons?

A Bridal Concierge is not something you will find at many other top salons. it’s a unique role, and really in place to make sure that you feel supported in planning, scheduling, and creating the perfect start to your wedding day. At Neroli, our technical team is also extraordinary and is constantly completing additional education to make sure they are consistently polishing their hair finishing, makeup application and bridal nail art skills. They also make it a point to stay up on trends so that we can help make suggestions to you as you’d like them.

What do you love most about being a bridal concierge?

Being a part of the planning process and helping a bride make connections with the perfect nail designer or esthetician or massage therapist — and ensuring that you feel beautiful & cared for!

And finally, if there was one thing you wish every #NeroliBride could know, what would it be? 

Our team is truly SO excited to celebrate with and serve you and your group! From that initial phone call, to the greeting in the location, to every hair designer or makeup artist that assists you and your party — it is truly our honor and our pleasure to be a part of your special celebration.

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Blog written by Neroli Bridal Concierge, Helena. Visit our website to view our Bridal Services menu, as well as begin your conversation with our Helena. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888.