Reflexology Pedicure

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Reflexology Pedicure

The Service You Didn’t Know You Needed

Can you rub my feet forever? Can I take you home with me? Are they sleeping? What is that service they are having? You know that saying “ If I had a dollar every time…. I’d be rich” oh if that were true, I would be rich!

These are all the questions, and more, over the years at Neroli that I experience frequently about our Chakra Reflexology pedicure. We tend to stick to a routine, sometimes it’s hard to break into something new. Let me tell you one of my favorite nail services to receive, as well as perform is the Chakra Reflexology pedicure. Because I know how beneficial reflexology can be, and also because it feels amazing.                                     


Reflexology is based on an ancient form of therapy in China. It is pressure points on the hands and feet that act as mirror images of our body. This aides in improving circulation, relieve stress and bring balance to the body. We also incorporate our Chakra aroma into the service to help in bringing balance and relaxation. 



Chakras are the energy centers that run from the base of our spine to the crown of the head. Chakras energy runs like the wheels of a clock – all connected. When they are running smoothly together the clock works, if one gets jammed or off a little it stops working or slows down. This is how our own Chakras work, or don’t work. If one is unbalanced it tends to jam or slow things down.

The Service Breakdown

The Aveda Chakra aromas are specifically blended for the 7 Chakras. We start the service by taking you on a Chakra sensory journey. Balancing your chakras with essential oils in the aromas and incorporating throughout your service. The next part, which I like to call the middle, is all nail and foot care. As you usually get in a pedicure service. 

After the nail and foot care, comes the best part and the reason that everyone boasts about this service. (The reason I should be rich!) Both feet are massaged for 15 minutes per foot! The one thing most quests look forward to in a pedicure is the massage. The reflexology massage is using pressure points in specific area of the foot that affiliate with certain parts of your body. Giving you an overall relaxed and balanced treatment.  



Who needs this?

Who is this good for? Well everyone can benefit from this – unless you have some underline health issues. Then we recommend you get a doctor to approve this treatment. Runners, walker, and athletes enjoy this service regularly. I’ve known guests that are still very timid in getting a full body massage, but they find this service to be very comforting since it is a relaxing and balancing service.  


How do I prepare for this?

Just be prepared for this to take a bit longer than other pedicures, since we do a longer foot massage and pressure point treatment. Usually it takes around one hour and fifteen minutes.  If timing is an issue, we recommend adding on gel polish for your toes to eliminate the drying time. I do have guests that do this for regular therapy as well, and don’t always need the polish. That is an option, but I always recommend polish.

Relax and be balanced. This Chakra Reflexology treatment is a must in my book


Blog written by North Shore Nail Designer, Joyelle. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888.

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