Strengthening Nails with Hard Gel Enhancements

If you’re anything like me — then you believe nails can truly be your best accessory. Sometimes, though, your natural nails just don’t cut it. For those looking to add a little “oomph” to their look, add length or durability to their nails, I highly recommend hard gel enhancements.

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Hard gel enhancements are a fabulous way for you to extend length and/or add strength to your natural nails. They are a healthier, safer alternative to acrylics. Hard gels are a premixed gel formula that cure under a UV light to harden and being premixed, the gel is odorless which is much more enjoyable for you as a guest and anyone else in the space! The gel is cured in the UV lamp, making the bond so strong that no solvent can break through. Simply, this means that you can’t soak it off with acetone or chemical remover, and need to be removed professionally. Even though the gel is so strong, it does have a breaking point so if you smash your finger the gel will just break rather than damaging your whole nail.

Why hard gels?

Hard gel can pretty much fix any problem you have. Sounds too good to be true, huh? You’d be surprised! Are you a nail biter or have weak, brittle nails? We can place an overlay and help your strengthen and grow your natural nails. One broken nail? That’s fine! We can use a form to make them all the same length and shape. Just want longer healthier nails? Perfect — we can extend all of your nails and get you a whole new set of nails. Also! As mentioned, hard gels can be a healthier option for most people. One of my favorite things about gels are that they are hypoallergenic. So, if you have reactions to acrylic or just have sensitive nails, then gels could be a healthier option for you.

Nail art!

With nail art being one of my passions, I am so incredibly excited to offer this service to all of you and start designing some fun sets. There are so many techniques out there that we can do and play around with to come up with something amazing together. Now is your time to get your Pinterest board ready with nail designs! On my Instagram page, @Emily.Neroli I have posted a few of my sets that I have been doing with encapsulations. Encapsulation is a form of nail art where we take a piece of something and encase it into the nail using a clear or light colored gel. It’s so fun and looks so beautiful, and I am obsessed with using dried flower petals and leaves for a stunning design. Here is an example of encapsulation:

hard gels-blog-emily   hard gels-blog-emily
Extensions or overlay?
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One of the best things about hard gel is how customizable your final look is. We can extend your nails and make them any length or shape you want, or we can keep your own length and just add strength to your nails. Something I see all the time as a nail designer is that there seems to always be that one nail that breaks right before you come in for your manicure (so annoying, right?). That’s not a problem anymore when you’re receiving hard gels because we can easily just add an extension to that one nail and do an overlay on the others you’ve worked so hard to grow.

For a lot of us that work all day with our hands, it’s a little tricky to have long nails. We also offer the opportunity to do what we call an overlay. An overlay is exactly what it sounds like — we simply lay the product over your natural nails. This instantly creates more strength and durability to your nails. This can help strengthen brittle nails, or keep you from the terrible temptation of biting or picking your nails. There’s endless options to what we can do!

How can you book this?

My books are open for hard gel enhancements for all of you. Call our Guest Services team at 414.227.2888 or head over to our website to reserve your appointment with me at our Downtown location. You will want to book a full set and come in with bare nails or we can add a quick gel polish removal to your reservation if needed. If you want anything added to your full set like any nail art we do need to book more time to ensure I can get you the best results possible. I want you to leave feeling as powerful as I know you really are so call now and book your gel enhancements.

Blog written by Downtown Nail Designer, Emily. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888.

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