What is Brow Lamination?


Brow lamination, also known as a brow lift or brow perm, is a semipermanent treatment and alternative to microblading that provides fuller, thicker and more tame eyebrows. This trend started in Russia over 10 years ago and has recently made its way to the United States. Brow laminations are changing the eyebrow game by giving all of us over-pluckers the opportunity to have the appearance of fuller and thicker eyebrows. Results lasting anywhere from 4-6 weeks.


About This Service

Brow lamination services last anywhere from 30-45 minutes. The service begins a consultation and quick overview of the process. We’ll go over the shaping together so we can achieve the ideal brows for you. We use a permanent solution that will bring you right back to the 80’s because, yes- it smells just like a perm.

Your esthetician will be paying close attention to the brows by brushing them every two minutes to make sure they’re sitting perfectly. Then, we’ll apply a neutralizing cream and at this point you can just relax and enjoy a nice hand or shoulder massage. To finish the service it’s recommended you get a brow wax and a tint for the full effect.

Once everything is finished, we will hydrate the brows with an argan oil and send you home with some aftercare instructions. 


Who Is Eligible?

and ANYONE — seriously.
There are very few contraindications and those being: 

  • You suffer from fungal acne
  • You have dry flakey skin
  • You’re on an acne medication
  • You’re going through chemotherapy
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers


Not all brow lamination services are safe. However, the products we use for this service here at Neroli are perfectly safe! But, be understanding that hormones may affect how long the effects of brow lamination last.

This service is also really great for those who are afraid to commit to microblading (permanent brow tattooing), but brow laminations result in a very similar look. 


Things You Should Know

Brow laminations
cannot be combined with facial services. You must wait 24 hours before and 24 after this service to get a facial and at least one week after a Chemical peel. Potential irritation and redness will occur. 

This service also works well together with many of our other services! You could absolutely pair your waxing services, eyelash extension and lash lifts with brow lamination. 

This service is now available starting at $75. We can’t wait to see you!

Blog written by Brookfield and Downtown Esthetician, Lindsay. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888.


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