What’s Deep Tissue Massage?

What’s Deep Tissue Massage?

Some people believe that if there’s no pain there’s no gain.  For a deep tissue massage this is actually quite the opposite. Deep tissue starts off slow and gradually gets deeper into the tissues. Starting off slow allows the tissues to warm up. If the tissues are not warmed up and heavy pressure is applied, it could lead to muscle spasms or lead to injury for both the therapist and client.  

what is deep tissue?

Deep tissue massages are very specific and could take a lot of time during the session to work out all the tension. For example if you have a desk career and are very active but your neck, shoulders, lower back, and legs hurt, booking a 50 minute massage may not be the best option if you’re looking for deep tissue in all of those areas.

Needing full body relief should be booked for an 80 or even 110 minutes. If you need deep tissue work in 1-2 areas but also want to relax then 50-80 minutes may be the option. If you want just one area worked on and not a full body 35 to 50 minutes would be ideal.

After your session the therapist should let you know their professional opinion about what option is best for you and your body. 

Pro tip: At any point when you feel the pressure is too deep take a nice deep breath or let your therapist know. Breathing brings oxygen into the body and muscles, allowing the muscles and your body to relax. If a deep tissue sounds like the right session for you please plan accordingly allowing the massage therapist the right amount of time to help you and your body. 

home care favorites

Getting a great massage can help you feel relaxed and balanced. But it’s also important to keep up on your at-home rituals to lengthen the benefits of your massage. Composition oils are the perfect product to have at home or your desk for an easy neck, forehead or hand massage.

Bonus: Put a few drops of your aroma into your palms. Place your hands up to your face and take a 3 deep breaths. This will give you a moment of wellness on a busy day or before bed.


aromas to amp up your daily routine


Aromatic, nourishing oil for body, bath and scalp softens and moisturizes skin. It uses a nourishing blend of certified organic olive and safflower oils. Also excellent as a bath additive, massage oil or hair and scalp treatment.


Calming aromatic oil for bath, body and scalp.


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