Spotlight: Jessi, North Shore Esthetician

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Spotlight: Jessi, North Shore Esthetician


Jessi, who was raised in a family of men, always knew she was a girly-girl at heart. She loved skincare and makeup from day one, but had no idea that she could land a career chasing her interest. After years of pursuing a degree and job in theater, Jessi realized that a profession in beauty and skincare did exit; it’s called an esthetician.
Lo and behold, Jessi started her career as an esthetitican at Neroli Salon & Spa in 2005, and she’s never looked back since.
Everyone, meet Jessi, Bayshore Esthetician.

Q: Where are you from/where were you born? Where do you fall in your family?
A: I am from Milwaukee I am the youngest of four.  I am the only girl.

Above: Jessi and her children.

Q: Did you always know you wanted to be an esthetician? If not, where were you headed before becoming one?
A: I have always been interested in beauty, but I didn’t even know that estheticians existed.
I went to theater school at UWM and always thought I would perform or teach theater, but then I realized it was too hard to make a living.
As soon as I started my job as an Aveda Advisor at Neroli, I knew I wanted to be an esthetician. I fell in love with Aveda and the craft of esthiology.

Above: Jessi shared one of her recent healthy recipes with us.

Q: What is a myth or misconception people often have about skincare?
A: That oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer! It does indeed need moisturizer. If you don’t moisturize, your skin will create even more oil.

Q: In addition to cleansing and moisturizing, what is another important component of good skincare?
A: Exfoliation is key!

Q: What inspires you, both in work and in life?
A: I am inspired by nature. It can heal you in so many ways.

Above: Jessi always finds a way to be active, even if that means planking in the kitchen.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Milwaukee?
A: I love trying new restaurants and bars that are locally owned.

Q: Favorite song?
A: I’m really into Jason Isbell right now. His new album is amazing and I’ve been able to see him play live twice. Nothing better than live music.

Q: Is there a special quote that resonates with you?
A: “Create the life you deserve.”

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