Team Spotlight: Corey, Massage Therapist & Nail Designer

Team Spotlight: Corey, Massage Therapist & Nail Designer

From time to time, you’ll find an exceptional massage therapist or a nail designer, but rarely do you find the two combined in a single service provider.
Corey, Bayshore Massage Therapist & Nail Designer, is located at our Bayshore location.  When Corey’s not in a treatment room or the nail suite, she’s helping train our new team members in the Massage department.

Everyone, meet Corey


What inspired you to be a Massage Therapist?
Did you always know you wanted to be a Massage Therapist?

I wanted to help people, but not with needles or in a hospital setting.

 You’re dual-licensed with the company (massage and nails).
Can you share what it’s like going between the nail suite and the treatment room?

It keeps me busy, which I like. It’s a great mental and physical balance to have the variety of services. Keeps me from getting bored!

What wellness tip do you recommend, especially for the upcoming holidays?

Monthly massages.  It helps me so much more than “once in a while” massages, especially for holiday stress.

Are there any widespread myths about massage, nails, or wellness that you find true or false? 

That massage is a luxury.  It does feel that way, but people forget the actual health benefits besides physically feeling better, massage ups good hormones (good sleep, feeling happy), downs bad hormone cortisol, and ups white blood cell count (i.e., the immune system).  So that person you know going through chemo, who had to stop because their white blood cell count fell too low, a gentle massage would help that person’s body rebound faster to continue treatments.

You’re a trainer for the company in our massage department.
What’s your favorite thing about training new talent?

The social aspect of meeting and working with other massage therapists. I am passionate about sharing and the more massage therapists help each other, the more we help the whole profession and the public’s view of how effective massage is.
Having a team of talented therapists elevates everyone working for Neroli.

You’re on a desert island – what Aveda product do you bring?

Intensive hydrating masque.

When you’re feeling down, you know you can turn to ___ to brighten your day.

Music or my 8 year old son who cracks me up.

 If you could dine with anyone, who would it be and why?

Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog, together.  Willies environmentalism, bio diesel, farm aid.  Also, there’s another common factor they have besides music, which I find interesting: family values.

It’s your day off. What do you do?
Any favorite Milwaukee activities?

Hiking and camping.  I enjoy Brewers games and the domes, but live north of Milwaukee.

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