Team Spotlight: Debbie, Mequon Esthetician

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Team Spotlight: Debbie, Mequon Esthetician

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What inspired you to become an Esthetician?

Receiving my first facial inspired me to become an esthetician.  It was such an amazing experience that I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to do.

What is/are your favorite Aveda product(s)?

That is like asking to choose your favorite child – I don’t think I can do it!  If I was pressed to say what is my favorite product right now, though, it would be the Vitamin C Complex.  The anti-aging properties of Vitamin C are incredible and I was so happy when Aveda introduced this into our toolbox of products.

What is the greatest misconception/judgment people have about skincare?

I think the greatest misconception would be that skincare is complicated.  It isn’t!  Just like a healthy diet is based on using common sense so is our skincare routine.  Keep it simple.

What is your “beauty philosophy”?

It comes from within.

What piece of advice would you give to people before they buy skincare products? 

Know your ingredients and know the integrity of the skincare line.  

Do you have a guilty pleasure? 

Putting off what I should be doing to curl up and read a good book. 

Finish the sentence: On my days off, I love to _____. 

Be outside – kayaking, biking, hiking, gardening, taking the dog to the dog park.

If you could domesticate a wild animal as a pet, it would be ____.

Another hard question – there are so many I would choose!  If I had to pick I guess it would be a sea otter.  They are so funny with their crazy antics I think they would keep me laughing all the time!