Team Spotlight: Emma, North Shore Esthetician

Team Spotlight: Emma, North Shore Esthetician


Emma, North Shore Esthetician, is one of those beautiful estheticians you only hope to emulate when you leave the treatment room.

Soon, Emma will celebrate 20 years with Neroli, although you’d never assume her veteran status (or the fact that she’s a grandma) by her youthful appearance.  Emma speaks three languages, is an anti-aging expert, and a genuine spirit to share your day with.

Everyone, meet Emma.

Where are you from?
I was born in Georgia Former Soviet Union. I went to college in Armenia, and became a high school history teacher. When the economy got bad, and the brutal earthquake happened, I moved to St. Petersburg, Russia.
A few years after the Soviet collapsed, I moved to Milwaukee and made it my happiest home forever.

What inspired you to become an Esthetician?
I always lived and loved a healthy lifestyle. I liked to share and spread the word about healthy living, skin care and fitness. Moving to the US gave me an opportunity for my second career to become an esthetician and using the best skin and lifestyle brand called Aveda.
The most inspiring thing is the ability to connect with people of all ages and help them to improve and maintain their skin, lifestyle, and even their minds.

You look SO good for being a mother! Tell us your secrets.
I’m a mother of two grown children and already a two beautiful and healthy grandchildren .
My secret is to believe in beauty from inside and out.

What is your favorite Aveda product(s)?
Love all Aveda products, using every day since 1996 when I moved to USA Milwaukee. Currently in love with Tulasara line, especially the Brightening Concentrate. My top lovers are Op Pads and Daily Light Guard SPF30.

What is the greatest misconception/judgment people have about skincare?
It’s a misconception that Botox and Juvederm can replace your facials. Botox and Juvederm are great to freeze and fill some lines and wrinkles, but they won’t improve the quality of your skin.

What is your “beauty philosophy”?
Be consistent and listen to your skin/body in all seasons.

What piece of advice would you give to people before they buy skincare products?
See a professional from reputable company. Start from basics. Less is more.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Home bakes cookies.

Finish the sentence: On my days off, I love to _____.

On my days off I love to have no schedule. I listen to my body and mind, and what it is I feel like doing. Maybe it’s yoga, running, meet a friend or family member for lunch or dinner, playing with my grandchildren, going to the movies, or taking care of my flowers.

If you could domesticate a wild animal as a pet, it would be ____.
Monkey, because they look and act like people. 🙂