Team Spotlight: Joyelle, North Shore Nail Designer

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Team Spotlight: Joyelle, North Shore Nail Designer

Above: Joyelle, Bayshore Nail Designer

Have you ever gone by the name “Joy”?

Never. Joyelle translates to “happy woman,” and I never want to give up the woman part of my name.

Did you always know you wanted to be in the beauty industry?

I grew up with all brothers, but I was a girly-girl. My brothers didn’t want much to do with me so I spent a lot of time with my neighborhood girlfriends, who were big girly-girls too.

What’s one memorable moment you’ve had with a guest?

One of my guests was in labor while she was getting a pedicure (she must’ve really wanted a pedicure!).
The funny thing is I didn’t even know she was in labor.  She didn’t want to tell me because she thought I’d get scared, so she told me at her next appointment.

What’s one tip you’d share with future guests?

Regular manicures make a BIG difference. I’m talking weekly, if possible, but bi-weekly works.  Luckily, our Zoya polish stays that long. It’s like gel in terms of its longevity.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in the Milwaukee area?

La Reve in Wauwatosa.  They have an amazing crepe with mushroom, leaks, and gruyere.  Also, I know it’s not a restaurant, but I love anything Ina Garten makes.

If you could dine with anyone, who would it be and why?

Jesus. I need to know if we can really make water into wine.  If he can, could he also turn it into vodka? I need to know.


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