Team Spotlight: Kristen, Esthetician + Microblading Services

Team Spotlight: Kristen, Esthetician + Microblading Services

When did you start at Neroli?

I came into the company when I was 16 years old, when it was at it’s original location on Chicago Street. At the time, we were called The Skin Institute & Day Spa. My sister, Anjeni, who is a Nail Designer at Bayshore, got me an interview. I was hired as the Locker Room Attendant, which came with a lot of responsibilities like cleaning the jetted tubs, staying on top of all the laundry and dishes, and cleaning the locker room. I absolutely loved the job! Everyone talked to me, and Susan respected my job as if it was the hardest jobs there. But you know what, it absolutely was hard work – and it still is today!

What got you interested in Esthiology?

It was a busy Saturday, and I was running mugs up to the front desk and a guest asked for help picking out makeup. I ended up helping her with a new look. Everyone was staring at me, like, who let the tub cleaner out of the break room?!  From there, I started answering phone calls for few months. Very few people may remember this, but to make myself appear older, I adopted this mild British accent when I greeted people on the call. Susan was seated next to me, and she totally went with it.

You’re a Microblading master. Tell us more about it.

Microblading is an invention where precise and crisp hair strokes are drawn into the eyebrow to enhance the brow. Eyebrows are so important. Although eyebrows have had many trends over the years, I think today we give them the credit they deserve, which is to give structure and finesse to the face and bone structure.

Where have you trained for Microblading?

I’ve trained for microblading with an international company called Deluxe Brows. I’ve also trained in San Diego with a mentor in the industry. I am obsessed with the service and constantly at work to master my portfolio. I think permanent makeup is the future and I am proud to be Neroli’s only service provider who is trained in this art.

What makes a good esthetician? 

A good esthetician takes a lot of guests in a day.  I book every 15 minutes and can give lots of advice in that time. I think a good esthetician has a delicate and tactful way of helping with your skin and grooming needs. I’ve done this so long, I can very quickly identify skin conditions, patterns in hormones and its affects on your body, and encourage you to do something for yourself that you may be a little timid to do. Estheticians are super comfortable with the body; we are precise and detailed. We are also meticulous about hygiene, self-deprecating about our own bodies, and altogether fun and disarming people.

What was it like growing up in your home?

I was raised by parents who started a small cheesecake company called Suzy’s Cheesecakes. I spent a lot of my early years with my mom, scouting grocery stores and restaurants and attending festivals with her cakes. I came away being a tenacious little sales girl. My dad worked long hours at his family’s restaurant.  Both my parents had such a hard work ethic.

But the bakery business wasn’t for me; I connected to the creativity, uniqueness, and warmth that the spa business offers. In my career, I offer the kind of love and nurturing that mimics what you get as a child (being warm in a facial, having your head massaged, etc.).  It’s a very special way of validating people who work so hard in their day to day lives.

What are you like outside of work?

Hard work at home and work is just who I am. I love to cook; I love a beautiful platter of gorgeous colored foods. And I’ve never seen a wooden platter that I didn’t have to have. That’s where my love for Goodwill kicks in. I’m always there. Most of my house is embellished with decor I’ve put together from all my trips over the years. I’m always in the hunt for my next side table or picture.

I think every person should download Florence and the Machine and discover her vulnerability.  She is my favorite singer – nobody can debate this with me!  My parents had great taste in music, and it’s very important that my kids know good music.

I also love stand up comics.  Date night includes going to see one or watching some on YouTube.  Who doesn’t love a night of YouTube with your loved one?