Team Spotlight: Lexi, East Side Hair Designer

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Team Spotlight: Lexi, East Side Hair Designer

When we think of Lexi, we think of a bold blonde with a soft spirit.  Lexi, East Side Hair Designer, believed she wanted to be a nurse, but that all changed when she joined the Neroli team as a Spa Attendant in 2007. Now, Lexi is one of our experts in hair extensions, and soon, she will celebrate her tenth year with the company.

Everyone, meet Lexi.

What inspired you to be a Hair Designer? Did you always know you wanted to be a Hair Designer?
Actually, working at Neroli inspired me to be a hair dresser. Growing up I thought I would maybe be a nurse, but when I moved to Milwaukee after high school I landed a spa attendant job at Neroli. From there, I fell in love with the beauty Industry.

You’re one of our extensions experts. Can you explain why you love working with extensions?
I personally wear Easi Hair extensions and I’m obsessed! I love how natural they look and how they make me feel. It’s rewarding to give that same feeling and look to my clients.

Above: Lexi’s work with Easi Hair extensions.

What hair tip or hair style do you recommend for the upcoming holidays?
If you’re going from work to an event, use Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo to refresh and volumize hair; add a soft wave and maybe pin a few pieces back and or just one side, then finish the look with a bold lip.

Are there any widespread myths about haircare that you find true or false?
Myth: Cutting your hair frequently helps it grow faster.
False. Trimming your hair doesn’t effect hair growth, that happens at the scalp.
However, I do suggest getting your ends trimmed every 6-10 weeks to keep the ends from fraying. This also keeps the ends fuller and healthy looking.

What is the hottest trend in hair right now, in your opinion?
Balayage is huge. I have a lot of girls coming in with pictures of various blonde balayaged hair. It’s low maintenance and natural looking, but can also be bold.

Above: Lexi does a beautiful balayage.

You’re on a desert island – what Aveda product do you bring?
Renewing Lip Treatment!

When you’re feeling down, you know you can turn to ___ to brighten your day.
My dog, Ellie. She is the sweetest and makes everything better.

Above: Lexi with her sweet pup.

It’s your day off. What do you do in Milwaukee?
I love thrifting and going to local antique stores. You never know what you’ll find!

Above: Lexi rocks that carefree glam look.

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