Team Spotlight: Sally, East Side Hair Designer

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Team Spotlight: Sally, East Side Hair Designer

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Did you always know you wanted to be a Hair Designer?  If not, where were you before, or what were you pursuing?

 I studied painting and Art History here in Milwaukee. I have my Bachelors in Fine Art from the Peck School at UWM.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Hair Designer?

      Working with color. Color theory changes everything.

What’s one hair myth you find to be true or false?

The myth that you have to go darker in winter and lighter in summer is totally false.
There are no rules!

You’re known for your hair painting (balayage). What would you say is the biggest difference between foils and balayage?

 They really are just two different technical terms. Balayage is usually a softer and more sun-kissed effect, whereas foils can have many different effects depending on how we use them.

Let’s say your guest has had highlights for years—how would you transition her into balayage?  Is it an easy transition?

 The answer is different for everyone! With highlights even the smallest change can create a totally different look. If someone is looking for lower maintenance and more of a balayage effect, I will start off by toning down their root area so their outgrowth is less noticeable and more blended.

You’re on a desert island – what are your must have Aveda products?

 Dry Remedy Oil and Split End Repair are my everything.

When you’re feeling down, you know you can turn to ___ to brighten your day.

My partner Josh. He can always challenge my perspective.

Do you have a celebrity role model?

I don’t have a role model, but Zoe Kravitz and Mary-Kate Olsen have been big style influences for me.

Your secret obsession is ____.

Chihuahuas. I’d have ten of them if I could.


It’s your day off – what do you do?

 I don’t love routines so it’s always different. I’m always up for cards with friends, and when I need alone time I’m all about good coffee and shopping (Antiques on Pierce has been my favorite spot lately).