Team Spotlight: Sepideh, Hair & Makeup Artist

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Team Spotlight: Sepideh, Hair & Makeup Artist

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From Chicago, to Denver, to Milwaukee–Sepideh, Downtown Hair Designer and Makeup Artist, has lived in Aveda salons acrossed the Midwest for 20 years.

Although she’s dabbled in areas outside of the salon–namely, she’s worked for many years in the real estate industry–Sepideh found her way back to what she loves most: the beauty industry.

Everyone, meet Sepideh.

Did you always see yourself becoming a Hair Designer?

Always.  My aunt is a hair dresser, and I come from an Aveda family.  I started in an Aveda concept salon was I was 17 years old.  I worked at the front desk, but I also started doing makeup for guests when all the Estheticians were busy.  Really, I had a good understanding for makeup before I went to school for cosmetology.

How do you fuel your craving for beauty, growing up with such a passion from the start?

I took it out on all my friends and dolls. I remember, for my eighth birthday, my aunt gifted me this beautiful, expensive porcelain doll, and I completely ruined her by cutting her hair and painting on her makeup. I’ll never forget it; my aunt was super pissed.

Above: Sepideh’s tattoo of the color wheel.

What are some of your favorite trends right now?

I love that natural looks are coming back.  Natural-looking makeup, hair texture, things like that. Also, classic shapes are coming back, like graduation cuts and bobs.

What’s a large misconception in the beauty scene these days?

Natural makeup doesn’t necessarily translate to “minimal makeup.”  Actually, natural makeup still requires all the steps: primer, foundation, mascara, etc.  You just have to choose a natural-looking color palette.

I hear you’re going to Malta for continued education through Neroli.  Can you tell us a bit about that.

YES–I am so excited! From what I know, there are two big groups going for hair, makeup, and photography lessons.  A lot of the trip is about finding inspiration through the beautiful island.

When Susan told me I was going to Malta, I was so excited; like jumping up and down.  The only stamp in my passport is to Mexico; now, I’m adding Malta.

Above: The beautiful island of Malta.

What do you love most about being part of the Neroli family?

The opportunity.  You can do anything you want to do.  If you find the opportunity, and you ask, nine out of ten times, it’ll happen.