Team Spotlight: Simone, Brookfield Nail Designer

Team Spotlight: Simone, Brookfield Nail Designer


Simone is one of those down-to-earth women that automatically makes you feel at home.
Soon, Simone will celebrate 10 years with Neroli, and we could’t be happier to have her with us.

Everyone, meet Simone.

You’re approaching your 10 year anniversary with Neroli!
How does it feel to work a decade with a company?

It feels great.  I can’t believe I get my watch in October!

(Neroli team members receive a Movado watch after ten years of work at Neroli)

Did you always have an interest in nails?

When I went to beauty school, I knew I wanted to do nails, but no one else in my class wanted to do nails. So actually, I started off doing hair in the 80’s.
I did hair for 21 years; I even had my own studio. But deep down, I always wanted to do nails.
So here I am!


What’s a nail care tip you’d like to share with us?

Don’t ignore your feet! After all, we walk on our feet, not our hands.
Invest in a foot filer and some quality lotion. I highly recommend Aveda’s Foot Relief–it’s one of our top products.
Also, I know a lot of women who take prenatal vitamins even when their not pregnant. The extra vitamins can do wonders for hair, skin, and nails.


Are there hot trends in the nail world right now?

Neutral colors. Especially on hands. It’s very classic, almost like a classic red nail.


What’s a myth in the nail world that you find to be false?

Some people opt for nude nail polish on their feet because they feel bright colors will draw unwanted attention to their feet.  That’s not true, though.  People are drawn to the color, not the foot.

What distinguishes an exceptional service from an average service?

The environment is everything. Clean, clear surroundings. The right products and sanitation. We are not a come-and-go spa. It truly is an experience at Neroli.


In your free time, you love to ____. 

Walk my two dogs. Also, in the summer, I love to garden. I have all kinda of vegetables. I especially love my pickles.I don’t pickle them, though. I just eat them as mini cucumbers.
They’re less seedy than normal cucumbers.

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