Hair Designer


What I love most about my career is the embracing of any vulnerabilities and creativity. Not only figuring out what is best for my guestsโ€™ hair considering their lifestyle and personality, but making them feel acknowledged and beautiful while in a relaxing atmosphere. I believe that there is truly more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. So, being able to serve people in a physical and emotional manner is truly a blessing and an art.


When Iโ€™m not behind the chair, you can find me with my family and our 2 rabbits, window/home shopping, digital planning/writing, and doing makeup!


Lived In & Dimensional Color; Vivid Colors; Medium & Long Haircuts

Advanced Education

Color Correction with Ian Michael Black; Haircutting with Sally Rogerson; Styling with Bea Carmichael and Britt Dion

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