I absolutely love bio-chemistry with skincare. Therefore, I truly enjoy connecting with each one of my guests to provide a customized facial experience specifically for them. Whether its pure stress relief, or a concern with prevention and treatment for life experienced or acne prone skin, I enjoy finding the right products and treatments for each individual guest in treatment room and for homecare. I also enjoy designing brows and assisting with enhancing a guests natural beauty.

I find the body to be complex and also very simple at the same time. When it comes to body massage, I love to connect and hear what their needs are for recovery. For treatment for that guest, I like to pull out what ever “tools, techniques and essences” I have in my “tool box” to customize a treatment specifically for them, from beginning to end. I have been told that I have an intuitive touch and understanding of the body. AKA: mental, physical and energetic. There is nothing like seeing and feeling the relief occur, and knowing that I was allowed to be a part of it. From there, sharing what products or treatments they can do to further their recovery, if that is what is desired.

I am very quiet while a treatment is in process, so the guest can be in connection. However, I am open to talking if that is what they desire or would like to do during their time with me. The amount of interaction is entirely up to them and that is what I like about my job. 🙂

Advanced Education

*please note: A legal guardian must accompany minors.