Surround yourself with others who are for you and not just about you.”

One thing I love about being a hair stylist is the endless education and learning. I would get very bored if my profession was the same thing every day. Everyday is a new day with new people and I love it.


The best part of my profession is making people smile, look amazing and feel good! I love having the ability to make someone’s day. My space is your space. A place you can relax and just be you.


I love making the guest feel good about themselves after a long day or week. That when guest come to me they are in a relaxing safe space when they come get a service from me.


When I am not behind the chair, I am spending time with my family, the gym, in my garden, the pool and enjoying the outdoors.

Advanced Education

*please note: Anastasia only provides massage services for guests over 18 years of age

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